Logitec Media Server plugin for Volumio

Thanks, so, how do I upgrade, uninstall and install? And it’s on version 8 now

Hi Pablo,

You will have to install the binaries yourself, the install script still targets 7.9; and V8 is not considered stable (but a developmental version). You are free to install it of course :wink:

Just make sure you ‘chown’ /var/lib/squeezeboxserver

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Hi Sayato

I am playing with LMS v8.0 as implemented through Daphile and I am truly amazed of the library integration feature. I can now see in my library all my local content AND my Qobuz favorites in one go!
Of course the latter are properly tagged so that if I request a random playlist based, say, on genre these are included as expected.

Now, I see you say version 8.0 is not a stable version. I trust you but aside of Daphile version 8.0 is also the standard version offered by Logitech on their download page. I can assure in Daphile I have not found any issue whatsoever.

Are you planning sooner or later to allow the upgrade to v8.0 of the plugin?
Also I am using Volumio X86 running on a Macmini (which I find to be a superb hardware for the purpose) but I lack the LMS plugin for this platform.

I know some of the topics have been touched already here, but you are the man that can make our dreams true :wink:

Thank you for your attention,

Anyone can help moving to LMS Version 8 the plugin in Volumio?

I have not got help from Sayato unfortunately…

Hi there bud,

Haven’t had the time yet, this takes planning and testing. :wink: currently working on a few other plugins.

You can just download the binaries and install them over 7.9; that ought to do the trick. Nothing fancy I think (as said, haven’t had the time to test as I don’t personally use the plugin). The plugin itself is pretty much just a link to the web UI and an installation script.


Thanks Sayato for the kind reply.
I am user with little knowledge of Linux world. I will have a try…


It should be pretty straight forward:

  1. SSH into your machine
  2. Download the desired version & architecture (e.g. 8.1.1 for ARM: wget http://downloads.slimdevices.com/LogitechMediaServer_v8.1.1/logitechmediaserver_8.1.1_arm.deb)
  3. Install it sudo dpkg -i logitechmediaserver_8.1.1_arm.deb you will see (amongst other messages): Unpacking logitechmediaserver (8.1.1) over (7.9.1) ... - note this might take a while
  4. Set the permissions of the squeezeboxserver directory (recursively) sudo chown -R volumio:volumio /var/lib/squeezeboxserver
  5. Stop/start the plugin; OR stop/start the service manually; OR reboot - note that restarting the service might take a few seconds, depending on your hardware
  6. Happy testing

Note that if anything doesn’t go as planned, it will require some investigation :wink: I haven’t tested this thoroughly, I just tested if the service starts to do this write up.



Thank you Sayato. I attempted with no luck before reading this but I missed the permission fix!

I will try again. Thank you so much!

Hi Sayato.

It works, thank you!

One more question (never enough!) is there any possibility to port the plugin to the x86 version? In this case also Squeezelite plugin (or install) would be needed…
Thank you again for the great job.


now updated to 8.1.1, thanks for the explanation.

thanks! I was finally able to update!

Kindly help to select the output in Squuezlite player .
Iam using Allo Katana dac with isolator board. LMS working properly but no Player coming to select in the player option.

HI iam using Logitech Media Server Version: 8.2.0 - 1627922070 @ Tue Aug 3 11:39:20 CEST 2021.
Have updated the Youtube apps. But Youtube app not working or listing any files.
Please advise

Hi Saiyato,
I have upgraded to Volumio3.But No plugins to install LMS and squeez Player.Please share link to Install the same on Volumio3

Hi Saiyato,
I have upgraded to Volumio3.But No plugins to install LMS and squeeze Player.
Please share link to Install the same on Volumio3.163.
Thanks in advance and seasons Greetings

+1 for hoping there will be an updated LMS plug-in for Volumio 3 shortly or I’ll have to revert back to version 2.

Or at least some guidance on how to install it…

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+1. Also LMS compatibility was a big reason for purchasing my Primo, it would be nice to finally have it working.

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That’s why I haven’t upgraded, I think I’m going to stay with version 2 as long as it is supported. And if LMS never gets to volumio 3, I’ll change to another OS. Volumio 2 is terrible for playing random music. I hope they have fixed that in Volumio 3. But if they don’t and I don’t have LMS, then it is no use to me.

I went back to version 2 for the time being. I’m in the UK and listen to BBC Sounds a lot via the LMS plug-in.

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Hi people,

Do to personal circumstances I haven’t been very active. I will look at the plugin, like RIGHT NOW :wink:
Just pushed some of my other plugins to the acceptance queue (well, at least I created PR’s to the repo).

So, a few things need to happen:

  1. Make sure the plugin actually works on Volumio 3 (thank you captain obvious)
  2. See if we can safely upgrade to the latest LMS, not sure if I can devise some logic to always pull the latest… This is step two, first check if my previous version installs without breaking too much :smiley:
  3. Push all changes that result from the above to acceptance queue for Volumio 3 plugins