Adding Tidal Connect

That’s interesting about the media player. Is it anything that should translate to different sound quality between the two?

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You tell me! I have tried to listen to differences… Sometimes I feel Tidal Connect is a bit brighter…sometimes not.
What I know for sure is that Tidal with mConnect and UPnP on in Volumio is overbright and out of question.

@What4 I get what you’re saying about audible differences being a personal call, but I meant that for @mervinio or @volumio on more of a technical level. Is there a mathematical/measureable difference in the end result between Tidal served via the Volumio interface and via Tidal Connect?


Tidal Connect is working fine here on an x86 and Volumio beta 3.068.

Just one issue I see: When starting to play a track (controlled by tidal connect) the first second of the track seems to be repeated. This only occurs when I’m steering volumio via tidal connect (andriod or PC app). If I start a track via volumio UI this does not occur.

Does anyone else see (hear) this?

It would be interesting if you all do or do not see this issue and on what volumio system version to verify if this is an issue with the volumio beta version…


Working very well on RPi4 teamed with Schiit Modi. After enabling software control for volume, the experience is seamless. Thanks to the Volumio team for an excellent implementation!

@Robert.Hecht Hi Robert, I have tried to replicate the issue you are having on my RPi4. I have not experienced it.

I’m just about to buy a Minisdsp SHD Studio. Am I going to be able to benefit from being able to use tidal connect with this device?

I have signed up for MyVolumio and Tidal Trials this morning to try out Tidal COnnect. Currently I’m running two Pi Zero Ws, one with a Allo Boss Digi Zero and one with a Pi Zero Master DAC.

I had a hunch this morning that it might be a hardware issue with the Pi Zero, hopefully you’re able to get it sorted. Good luck.

i’ve been using Volumio’s Tidal Connect for a little over a week now so maybe a good time for a little feedback.

I have a superstar account (makes my wife laugh) with 4 devices set up as follows:

  1. USBridge sig into Pro-ject Pre box S2 with full MQA decode and unfold.

  2. PI4 into IFI ZEN DAC (no MQA)

  3. Allo DigiOne Sig into Chord 2Qute

  4. i could not resist trying Buster 86 for my I5 7gen Optane as M.2 SSD no name Chinese Linear PSU also into Chord 2Qute.

All working really well.

Tidal have really upped their game IMHO with the re-design of their UI which seems much more intuitive and User focused. really nice work.

Now Volumio’s Tidal Connect.

This implementation is a thing of beauty and in my set-ups rock solid and easy to use.

The sound quality that i have is really REALLY good and great fun to used.

I’ve heard the word game changer used and it’s spot on in the way that It’s changed my listening experience in a very good way.

Well done Volumio team for a superb addition to a very good music playback system.

Big thanks and a bit of advice.

Anyone having problems “Stick with it it’s going to be well worth a small wait”.


Do you think MQA is worth something?

MQA is a lossy compression to reduce streaming bandwidth. You need MQA enabled DAC to benefit from the “better” quality. (as a none MQA enabled DAC can’t perform the last unfold).
Since the Master for MQA (additional filters to improve sound) differs from the a NONE MQA (Just as it was recorded) it’s even impossible to compare the differences, or argue on audio benefits.

So from a data point of view, MQA makes sense. From audio point of view… take a pick.

From my personal experience (did I say personal):
Tidal MQA through MQA enabled DAC (Pro-ject pre box s2 digital). It fully depends on the song. Some seems a bit brighter, but in 95% of the cases I prefer the sound of Qobuz. Even though the both are lossless, for me Qobuz soundstage is preferred.
See if you can loan or get your hands on a MQA enabled DAC and use the trial versions of Qobuz and Tidal and see what you’re preferring.
And it will get more complex like Shoom is stating:
Amazon HQ
Spotify (lossless)

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Good question.

And one which could have more relevance later when Tidal split their HIFI streaming tier. I’ve read that Tidal are proposing two HIFI tiers.

  1. HIFI lossless with no MQA.
  2. HIFI+ lossless with MQA.

The standard tier may be a little cheaper and TBH I’ll most likely go with this option. BTW I can hear a difference in SQ with and without MQA but with only one DAC capable of full MQA decoding I’m unsure if it will be worth the extra expense. I included MQA playback in my feedback mostly because some people seem interested.

Anyone interested may want to google Tidal HIFI+.

IMHO a more interesting comparison will be latter this year when Spotify launch their own lossless streaming service. However it’s still unclear how much of their catalogue will be available for lossless streaming and at what cost

IMHO Tidal have really improved their UI with much more focus on the user but I also have a Spotify account who’s UI is also first class.

Choices, choices.

So the short answer.

Volumio’s Tidal connect service sounds great with or without MQA so i don’t loose sleep on it.

Tidal Connect has been a gamechanger for me and left my ROON core “sleeping with the fishes”.

I agree, in my opinion MQA, it is just a mass commercial operation, it has an audio compression and reworking system, The correct term is (packaged and unpacked) hence, loss of original audio data.
It must be said, however, that the “Tidal Connect” function is very close to the practical “ChromeCast Audio”, I hope that Volumio will also expand with “Amazon Music HD Connect” and “Qobuz Connect”

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Qobuz connect is currently nothing more than a streaming over Bluetooth or Airplay connection. While Tidal and spotify connect act as a “remote” to an application.
Qobuz sees Volumio and connects. But when playing it even display track information, but no sound.

I have understood that qobuz is working on qobuz connect like tidal connect and layer this year will be available. I am also qobuz subscriber and it Wil be great to have this option.

Hi, is there an update on this? It would be great to be able to use Tidal connect with my Pi Zeros with HATs.

Hi Guys

back for a quick tip.

I just spent the morning helping a friend set up Tidal Connect on his PI3 Volumio. (by phone so a little blind to things his end). We had real problems with Connect not showing up on Desktop, IOS or android APS.

went through the help page suggestions with no luck.

so I suggested the last chance saloon option.


Bingo all working well.

Anyone having similar problems could try the above.

worked for us.

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Gave your router reboot solution a try for my Raspberry Pi Zeros but unfortunately it didn’t seem to work as it did for Pi3, neither were visible in Tidal app afterwards. I’ll try again with both of them turned off, restart the router and then turn them on to see if that makes a difference, but I’m not holding my breath.

Fingers crossed for a fix.

Tidal connect wont work on pi zero as written above by admin