You lost me Volumio, I'm cancelling ( terrible Tidal)

Great to hear this is solving your issue!
Re EP and Singles we’re working on that :wink:

Can you try log out and log in again?

Tried this, but the same issue. If I try to play from a playlist, the pop-up in the top right corner shows up and then goes faster through all the songs from the playlist. Play button does not change to pause.

Can you try to search, and not play a playlist?
The issue you describe happens because this playlist might not be available in your region

The playlist is my own, not one defined by others. The behavior is the same if I try to play any song in Tidal.

And you are partially right. Is the same behavior as if the songs from a playlist are not available, but any song I choose, same thing happen. Or … same as when you select an invalid audio output device. This is not the case, as Spotify is working perfect with the same audio output device.

Can you please send a log after it happens?

Please paste the log link into an email to info at volumio dot org
So we can understand what is wrong

The log was sent.
I think the most relevant error is:
info: Got an error in getStreamUrl, asking volumio for next track

Sorry to hijack this thread but can somebody tell/show me how to search from within the tidal and Qobuz plugins? I can’t see a search button anywhere

Yes I had noticed the original search bar! I thought it as only searching my personal library, I wasn’t aware I had to scroll right down to find the plugin search results, thanks for the reply though.

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If you select TIDAL from sources, then search, the search will be limited to TIDAL only :wink:

Ahh ok I hadn’t thought of trying that, thanks boss for the tip :+1:t2:

Hello. I am reading that Tidal app is now fixed and all is ok? So how that I cant add new artist? I am using raspbery. It is 6 months since I use premium account and I see no improvements

The new TIDAL implementation is not public yet… If you want to give it a go see here:

In any case we are very close to releasing it for everyone

Good luck on that - it’s so broken I restart my player every 5 minutes now.


Great to hear its being worked on. I’ve found another issue but I’ll report that in the main testing thread.

I’m really looking forward to the new Tidal implementation, I just started my 15 day trial and was hoping Tidal would be working better than it does.

It does work but still has bugs.

Hopefully they can get It working like the iPhone and Windows 10 app :+1:

Tidal Connect had been announced and launched in the past couple days. Some devices like the KEF LS50II Wireless are already delivering the ability to use it.

I’m new to Volumio and don’t have a clue what goes into making a plugin like this, I would love an update on what to expect. I’d 100% rather just use the Tidal native app and cast to my device (MiniDSP SHD). Thank you.

Comical to hear this sort of whining from an adult. What on earth to you expect a software developer to do with this feedback? You don’t like tidal; tell tidal. You expect the ui of a small project like Volumio to be like the tidal app itself, which is developed by a multi million $ organisation with hundreds of developers, that will never happen. Volumio is unbelievably good value for a multi platform os with the best ui of any comparable project that manages to integrate multiple sources. Tidal and and qobuz are a nightmare to work with as an open source project, they barely make their api available. You seem to want something for nothing. If you want better integration I suggest you either write the code yourself, pay a legion of developers to do it, or go and pay orders of magnitude more for a big vendor solution that will become abandoned by the vendor 3 years after you buy it. I have nothing to do with the volumio project, who have to remain constructive on this, as a user I am on sick of hearing childish whinging from people who expect their $5 volumio subscription to fix their whole life.


I really should have posted an update to my message about not being able to get Tidal to work via Volumio. As another subscriber correctly suggested, it was a password problem. I don’t know why, as Tidal access via Volumio had been previously been fine, and I hadn’t changed any passwords. Anyway, ever since resolving the problem (three months ago), the Volumio/Tidal integration has worked absolutely perfectly. Volumio is the ‘headless player’ for my Raspberry Pi with Allo DigiOne ‘Signature’ S/PDIF board, which feeds the output signal to a high quality DAC, tube amp and electrostatic panel speakers. On a good recording, the sound is more than satisfying - even for a vinyl enthusiast. Thank you Michelangelo for Volumio. I much appreciate all the effort you put into making Volumio the fine resource that it is.