Volumio login on pi 4 with hifiberry hat?

Hello I need a little help. I have i raspberrypi 4 with volumio on it en de pi asks a login and a password witch I don’t now? I have tried volumio and volumio2 witch didn’t work.
The pi has a hifiberry hat.

My regards Jeroen Zwakhoven

please read Quick Start Guide - Volumio Documentation
Volumio is designed to be remmote from an other device on the same network.
Once done, youu can install ‘touch_display’ plugin for a local display

I don’t use a local display I use an iPad or iPhone.

And you see a login/password page when connected to the device using its IP adress or name.local?

I have installed the volumio app on my iPad and it seems that the can see my pi. The login on my tv or screen is gone. The screen totally black, I don’t now this is good or bad.

I think it’s a screensaver or something. Now I don’t have audio :disappointed:.

You said you don’t have a local display. But you also said you have a TV screen… I don’t understand…
Well, on your iPad, what do you see. You have to configure the output and all the rest…

I’am Very sorry I didn’t know what you meant exactly. I’am dutch and sometimes I use a translator witch translate something complete wrong.

@balbuze @Jeriko05
translation of balbuze… to dutch…
hij zegt dat je geen display op je pi hebt,en je zei dat je een tv hebt, hij snapt het niet helemaal.
maar vraagd wat je ziet op je ipad …en vraagt of je de uitgang al geconfigureerd hebt en de rest…

Ja ik heb beeld via de tv alleen geen audio. En nu heb ik iets gewijzigd waarvan ik een error krijg als ik een radio zender aan klik. Maar ik heb er voor vandaag genoeg van en ga morgen verder.

Yes, I have a picture through the TV, only no audio. And now I have changed something of which I get an error when I click on a radio station. But I have had enough for today and will continue tomorrow.

But please, give at least an English version!

yes i have a tv only no audio. and now i have something changed that results in a error when i
click on a radio channel .but for now i got enough, i will pick it up tommorow

Where do you exepect audio output? What is configured?

@Jeriko05 waar verwacht jij dat het geluid uitkomt? en wat heb je ingesteld?

I’ll get back to it tomorrow. I am tired of what is caused by my rheumatism, so I apologize for that. Thank you very much for your input.

I have set the pi to factory settings. I have set the hifiberry + standard in volumio and I get an error on my laptop screen.
I think it’s wrong the hifiberry. If i’am select hdmi then I can listen to my webradio and nas.
If i select the hifiberry digi or digi + pro then i get this error.

What is exactly your model of hifiberry? It can’t work if you just select a Dac because just because it’s name contains hifiberry…

It’s the hifiberry digi+

I have selected the hifiberry digi without the + but no audio. I have also tried the digi+ pro and here again no audio.
If the hdmi is selected then there is audio. It seems that there is problem with the hifiberry.

With your Dac, you need to select Hifiberry Digi. Reboot.
Check if volume mixer is set to None.
It should be fine.
But what is your Dac plugged on the Digi ? Is the optical input enable on it?