Volumio login on pi 4 with hifiberry hat?

Update, the pi faled causing me to reinstall the software. And that’s another problem.
Volumio’s quick start guide writes that: Follow the next steps to place Volumio on your SD Card

  1. Extract the zip file, and you’ll have a .img image file

What image file? A see non image files :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

  1. Open Etcher and click on Select Image. Select the
    volumio .img file

I don’t see a function in etcher image??? I see only flash for file.

  1. Insert the MicroSD Card on your computer on the SD slot
    or an external card reader
  2. Click on Select drive, and select the SD Card you just
  3. When ready, hit Flash
  4. When the operation has finished (it may take up to 10
    minutes) close Etcher and eject the SD card

I doesn’t last that long after 2 min. the system failed en stops.

it’s very simple, download the img.

open etcher and choose/click on flash from file.

then choose the downloaded volumio img you want to use and choose open.

put a micro sd in your pc or mac and wait a few seconds and then choose select target and choose your micro sd card on which you want to install volumio and choose select.

then check the correct micro sd card and then choose select at the bottom right.

and last choose flash and the flashing of the volumio img starts.

the rest I’m assuming you know.

beter kan ik het niet uitleggen :wink:

and finished.

I don’t know exactly what I did but it worked. And I also have sound from my hifiberry digi +.