Volumio 2 on Orange Pi Boards

I support request of orange pi pc plus port, internal sound card and wireless network not working (external audio and ethernet work normal)

I’m currently trying to get Volumio 2 to work with Orange Pi zero 512MB with expansion board.

After adding overlays=analog-codec in the end of the file /boot/armbianEnv.txt, and enabling the line out with alsamixer through a ssh client (remember to enable SSH https://volumio.github.io/docs/User_Manual/SSH.html), i got sound. Thanks to this thread :slight_smile:

However I have some stability issues with the Spotify plug ins. Volumio stops playing after a couple of tracks when using Spotify. Is this a normal issue?

I also get a “bump” in the sound everytime Spotify begins playing a new track. Does this have something to do with the built in sound card H2+? BTW, alsamixer states that the sound card is H3 and not H2+. Could this be a potential problem?

Finally, I would also like to enable wifi. I see you talk about loading the xradio_wlan, how is this done? :slight_smile:

i am looking into setting up what is known as multiroom audio system - i am still at the planning stage so i need recommendations please: which opi version, dac, amplifiers etc only one condition i need separate volume control for each room digitally thanks

Well, loading module is quite easy itself, you have to add xradio_wlan module to
etc/modules file.

it should look somehow similar to this:
sudo nano /etc/modules

#w1-sunxi #w1-gpio #w1-therm #sunxi-cir g_serial xradio_wlan

Then reboot, the module will be loaded into kernel.
Now, let’s check if we have new wifi device.


Now you should see new wlan0 device.

  • My OPi Zero does not show any difference.
    Maybe there’s something more to configure. On Armbian image wifi works fine. I will have to examine that configuration.

me too, the wifi just doesn’t work of all

even try to

modprobe xradio_wlan

I use OrangePI PC, and I am not able to figure it out, how to use HDMI output with more than 48khz? Any idea how to configure it to 192khz 24bits?

I use allwinner output

Hello. Also I’m trying to make Volumio work in Opi Pc. First obstacle not reachable from lan, then resolved with serial connection.
Being able to access the web interface and tried various settings does not produce sound.
I also use Pifi Dac but I do not really see it.
Can someone help me?

The I2S device tree overlays for the PCM5122 dac aren’t included for this build - you could try tweaking the current (PCM5102) one for your dac -

Good luck!

Thanks for the answer. The problem is that it does not even sound from the headphones output. The files are missing.
It does not produce sound

I was able to get the Pi Zero build to work on my board using a cheap syba usb audio dongle. I have not been able to get wifi working yet, and when I tried installing the tune-in plugin the installation did not complete.

Many thanks for your hard work. I am a happy camper.

I wanna output to USB Speaker to Orange Pi Zero but seems USB not supported. How I can build an image that can support it!

Hi, I just received the OPI PC and trying to clone the image on there, but unfortunately it doesn’t work.
Where I can get the procedure about this? or anyone could simply teach me how to do so.
I also want to know the different between md5 and xz

Appreciate for your help!

Guys, after Google i found the way to image it on OPI.
Since OPI pc doesn’t come with WiFi, does anyone try using USB WiFi would simply share the experience!

@beetrood , can you provide some links ? i’m interested in trying to build it for Opi PC+.

you can find some information on armbian download page about Wifi dongle working out of the box , see at the page end :

best regrads

Is there a build for a orange pi plus 2e?

Gesendet von meinem Mi A2 Lite mit Tapatalk

it is possible to get i2s on orange pi zero, but some hardware changes is needed.
forum.armbian.com/topic/6021-or … -zero-i2s/

Is it possible to add i2s option in this volumio?
i tried configure i2s but no success.
gpio 20 is data output, but you have to disable wifi enable in stock and hardware resold this pin .

and what about setup this volumio, when no hdmi, no video is no avaible on this board?
I like to use telnet or uart to control.

A new version Volumio is ready for Orange Pi Lite/Orange Pi PC/Orange Pi One:

Updated to armbian kernel 4.19.21.

On orange pi zero also data input is avaible?
Could you confirm gpio 2 as output or if have you pinout of i2s line?

4.14.47-sunxi #20 SMP Thu May 31 18:25:34 NZST 2018 armv7l
on one port i see only BCK, but no W/S no DATA on rest port.
BCK is ok, i see it start when play.
Orange pi zero.
Could some test volumio on this board?

root@aux-volvo:/etc# aplay -l
**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****
card 0: I2Smaster [I2S-master], device 0: 1c22000.i2s-pcm5102a-hifi pcm5102a-hifi-0 []
Subdevices: 1/1
Subdevice #0: subdevice #0

I changed pio20 (resolder) but nothing on this pin.
could someone help with configure gpio20 as output and w/s pin?

i have version 1.4.
this is where i see w/s and clock signals on pins.


but no data out.

I found possibility to change pa20 (used to enable wifi) to other pin, but in volumio it is not work.
Could someone who has this board to check, how to enable data out from h2?

It will be need to recompile kernel, but i do not have any tool-chain for that and no experiences.

hackaday.io/project/162373-oran … sic-server

So, who wants to help with this?:slight_smile: