Volumio 2 on Orange Pi Boards

Ok, no needed to change anything, data out working without this voltage chip.
Next question, is it possible to change i2s format? Justified to left or right?

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Anyone know something?
If it no possible, i eill try some other sollution.
In volumio should be setup of auto play of usb devive and some simply way to play content without screen…
Now, playing some files from attached usb is horrible, i have to go to menu, add files to playlist etc…
It should be simple…:wink:

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This one is gold, I have Orange Pi PC and could not send audio output to 3.5mm jack, I tried everything - setting up overlays, changing setting… nothing worked, but this image Worked!

works like a charm great job!

It is made to work with the DAC. You can buy it for $5 and connect without problems.
And I do not have a Orange Pi PC board that would test the sound through the 3.5 Jack, I use Orange Pi Lite, no problem.

The new version Volumio 2.565 (Orange Pi Lite, Orange Pi PC, Orange Pi One):
Changelog link.

Is it possible to add choice dac board?
Any dac need some special setup of i2s bus, if is no possibility to change i2s format, maybe you can add dac board to select?

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This would require quite a lot of effort.
The porting responsible would have to enable kernel device tree overlay support, change the (u)boot procedure using a boot configuration mechanism to insert the overlays, using device tree overlays for each DAC.
Though we would need more than a handful users, the Volumio team would be open to customize the i2s configuration, but I don’t think you will find support for the overlay part.

It will be great to open i2s configuration.
Now it is hard to implement it (connect other dac as recomended…).
Only justified will be great.

Wysłane z mojego SM-G950F przy użyciu Tapatalka

Hi, I’m using the orange pi lite version of Volumio 2.565 (Orange Pi Lite, Orange Pi PC, Orange Pi One) DAC PCM1502a
ru.aliexpress.com/item/PCM5102A … 33edpfSewz

Vcc 5v 2
3.3v 3.3v 1
GND gnd 39
Flt gnd 14
DMP gnd 20
DIN Data 40
FMT gnd 30
XMT 3.3v 17


also on OPI PC
what am I doing wrong?

on RPI DAC works

Looks like you have connected it up for the raspberry pi pinout. Adjust it for the OrangePi lite pinout - linux-sunxi.org/Xunlong_Orange_Pi_One_%26_Lite

Tonight, after work, I’ll post here how to connect Orange Pi lite with DAC PCM1502a.

For PCM5102 DAC:
aliexpress.com/item/PCM5102-DAC … 23432.html

I hope the photo is clear:
The blue wire is a jumper.


Hi works with this connection

Vcc 5v 2
3.3v 3.3v 1
GND gnd 39
FLT gnd 14
DMP gnd 20
DIN Data 37
FMT gnd 30
XMT 3.3v 17 10kOm

ru.aliexpress.com/item/PCM5102A … 33edpfSewz


Hi guys! What about Orange pi zero (H2+)? Last image of Volumio is Volumio-2.406-2018-05-31-orangepizero.img. There is no MyVolumio with this old image!
I need your help!


I don’t think you will get MyVolumio with any of the community ports - it contains closed source components. So the only way would be if the Volumio team officially supports the device and builds images for it.

Thanks, I see.


The new version Volumio 2.572 (Orange Pi Lite, Orange Pi PC, Orange Pi One):
Changelog link.

Added images with kernel 4.19.34 Armbian.

But, as stated in the very first post in this section, it is up to the creators of the portings whether they want to keep their scripts and platform files to themselves or share them on the volumio server. They only need to get in touch with us in case they would,
Then yes, with some minor changes to the build scripts, the Volumuio devs would be able to generate a myVolumio supported image and return the download URL to the creator. And the creator can still build his own images with the modified build scripts, it would just not have the myVolumio functionality in them.

Hello everyone, how to set up a wifi in the image of Volumio-2.406-2018-05-31-oranzhepitsero. I have an Orange Pi Zero H2 512MB.
Or what image to use to make wifi available? I do not want to batter the wall :unamused: :question: