Volumio 2 on Orange Pi Boards

Using the 31 May image for opi zero, it installed nicely.
Two issues occur, first one is the missing sound from the 3.5mm jack. This can be solved by adding the audio-codec line into armbiantxt env, which will then allow to use it with alsamixer as well as with the volumio build-in settings.

Second issue is the integrated wlan, that i can not get to work (it works fine with other images like diet-pi or any of the armbian images).

@Paul: stunning job you are doing, really appreciate it !

Sorry, I don’t have a Pi Zero to test with currently. I’ll have to save for bit to get one. If you can figure out what is wrong and create a pull request on the orange-pi platform git hub repo https://github.com/pkendall64/platform-orangepi I can merge the changes and do a build.

being pretty new to linux and the opi world, i dont know what a pull request is, neither how to do it.
What i found out so far (thx google) is that there is no xradio loaded when i boot the volumio image.

If it is any helpful, i can give you access to the machine via dataplicity and root. I can also boot it either into a all-working image, or into yours.

If you send me an email or skype me, i can give you the details.

I can also post a working image on dropbox.

Thanks for the offer. I think a working image and what you needed to change should be enough for me to get a working build.

Link to DietPi image, it has BT, WIFI and sound via 3.5mm jack working:
dropbox.com/s/ufbsiosjnchvh … 29.7z?dl=0

  1. the line I added to your image to get the 3.5mm jack working for sound output (file /boot/armbianEnv.txt) (the “cir” I think was added when I installed the BT plugin):
    overlays=analog-codec cir

  2. LSMOD on volumio: attachment 1
    Volumio-no Wlan.jpg

  3. LSMOD on a wlan-enabled and connected DietPi install: attachment 2

this page holds a lot of the depreciated DietPi images:


Thanks @Oliver15, I’ll take a look at those images and the information you provided and get this added to the lite image in a little bit.

AFAIK the wifi chip in Opi zero is XR819. You can find more data and link to drivers (recent and some outdated) on this website:
(Sunxi Wiki)


I am already running Volumio on RPi with touchscreen, Kali and Allo Piano.

I have a spare Orangepi PC 2 (Allwinner H5). I need a Volumio build for this.

Orangepi PC 2 is a powerful SBC with 2ghz quadcore processor. It supports I2s. Therefore I believe that it would make a good audio build.

Is there a possibility?



@Paul: if it would help I can send you a OPi zero (got my 3 from Aliexpress yday) ?

do you have any plans for development Volumio 2 on Orange Pi Plus2 (H3) ?

Quick update - running volumio on a Opi Lite since April as my daily drive and it’s been butter smooth.

Side note - how/when do you think it would be possible to get an ‘official’ update via the official Update button?

orangepi zero
conmand: nano /boot/armbianEnv.txt

command: alsamixer

set line out is oo and Up button

我的是orangepi zero
先编辑nano /boot/armbianEnv.txt
选择line out 按M键。使变成OO。然后按向上键选择音量,就可以完美输出音频了。


I installed the image and booted the Orange Pi Zero with the expansion board sold with it.
(The expansion board is this one: aliexpress.com/item/New-Ora … 65186.html ).
I booted with the image 2.406 found in this forum.
The expansion board contains a jack for connecting to a speaker, but I get no sound.
Is there a way to debug that issue?

I tried to ssh, rlogin, telnet, the box is not accessible. On the SD card, the operating system also cannot be accesses.
does anyone have an idea how to debug this?

I havent tried TTL connection yet, would this work?

All the best, and thanks in advance.

Hi Felix, for sound, pls see my earlier post in this thread (works with the expansion board as well as without).

SSH worked for me out of the box…maybe try to post a file called “ssh” (no extension) in the boot partition, that normally works (of course depending on OS , but most support it)


For the sound: as Oliver and trz0332 have said, add the appropriate overlay to the file /boot/armbianEnv.txt


@Oliver did you get WiFi working on the Zero with these images? You need to add and load the xradio_wlan module.


Good job, everything works for OrangePi lite.
Why is there no btrfs support?

Hello pkendall64,
Is it possible to build a version for orange pi PC plus ?

I would like to know if the volumio for the orange pi pc should also work on the orange pi pc plus

Hi there,
I just loaded xradio_wlan module and there is no effect. Still no wlan0 device. ifconfig says there is only ethernet.