Volumio 2 on Khadas boards

thank you… cant wait fir emmc version updated from khadas

Is a 2021 update available for VIM3?

For the last couple of months we focussed on getting Volumio 3 into a stable beta phase, therefore the community portings were given lower priority. Volumio 2 versions will be updated as soon as time permits, some more popular boards already had updates, Khadas will follow. Can’t give ETA, sorry.

If there is a demand, will there ever be a version of the Vim 3l?


Please read this IMPORTANT notice!

I’m working on an update for VIM1/2/3 devices.
OTA’s should be available within the next 2 hours, links to fresh downloads will be published asap.

New updates are available, either use OTA (System Menu → System → Check Updates) or reflash.
Of course, many other changes flowed into this version.
Refer to the changelog on the download page for a detailed list since your last update.


These images may take 2 hours to become available

Unfortunately no files are available. Please check the links.

Download link for kvim3 corrected.
And you are correct, the file for kvim2 is missing.
I believe something went wrong with the build, will run it again.

LInks above and in the OP corrected, vim2 image v2.917 added (same as v2.916)

Everything is great now! Many thanks.
Best regards.

I bought Khadas VIM2 with Khadas Tone Board and I am trying to install latest version of Volumio.
I have created SD image via BalenaEther. After restart of my Khadas I can see:

What can I do now? :frowning:

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No idea really. Is this a brand new VIM2?
What does it boot from emmc when you don’t insert the SD? Android?
Did you enable multi-boot on emmc?

This is new khadas. Actually I am testing diferent options.
Basically it was with preinstalled Android but the screen was when I had Ubuntu on emmc and when I used SD card with volumio.

Now I have installed Android again and during reboot I can see:

Maybe I should checked one of these options? But which one?

I have also checked istalation via krescue, but there was only old image which I couldn`t update.

Sorry, I can’t help you here. Better check the Khadas forum for more information.
And make sure to flash the VIM2 version of my images, the other ones will not boot due to different u-boot and device-tree.

The krescue image is

  1. an old, unauthorized image which Khadas put there, it is not ours.
  2. a VIM3L version that can NOT run on a VIM2.

I am using correct image for vim2. Maybe you can send me previous version?
Links from the first post not working.

No I won’t.
There is nothing wrong with the links, others are using them as well.
See this feedback

Today I have checked other way of booting from SD Card:

  1. Power off or unplug your khadas VIM2
  2. Insert the flashed SD card into the SD card slot
  3. Power on
  4. Force khadas VIM2 boots from SD card: After power on, quickly press the Function key 3 times in 2 seconds, then release the key.

After that I can see only black screen on my TV.
Really I don`t know what can I do now and how to install Volumio. :frowning:

:roll_eyes: No idea what is going on, did you successfully boot anything else to boot off the SD card, except trying Volumio?
Khadas boards are not the easiest ones to handle, you need a multiboot u-boot script on emmc before you can boot from an SD directly. You really need to get this information from Khadas.
Try this sequence, perhaps it works:

  1. unplug power
  2. insert Volumio SD
  3. hold power key
  4. power on (while still holding power key!!)
  5. wait till led flashes, then release power key

Don’t expect any output, Volumio is headless.
Please read the Volumio Documentation for more information how to control the software. There is a touch screen plugin to help you get the TV connected once Volumio is up and running.
Again, best to get your boot info from Khadas, I can’t help with that.