Volumio 2.882 Raspberry PI4B problem with Hilo DAC

I had the same problem with the same error message but with a different DAC. Despite countless discussions on different forums I couldn’t solved it until, by luck, I booted my RPi4 8GB without the dongle of my wireless keyboard (which I was using for LibreELEC or for booting from PINN).

After removing the USB dongle from my RPi4 the problem dissappeard, it’s working flawlessly. When I’m connecting a wireless keyboard or a simple wireless mouse the problem reappears. I tried all combinations of USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, it’s not working if I have both DAC and keyboard connected to my RPi4.

I have the same problem when using LibreELEC for example, I don’t have sound over USB until I remove the keyboard’s dongle.

I don’t have this problem when using my old RPi3, it is happening only with my RPi4 and I didn’t find a solution, no one seems to know why this is happening. It is definitely a bug but I don’t know to what is related. To the RPi4 firmware, to the software or a combination of these.

I have empty usb ports. Only DAC is connected. The problem is for all 4 ports

But… Volumio sees the Lynx Hilo DAC USB after starting the system. It is working with Taga Harmony DA300v3 USB DAC

Hilo works properly with PC via USB

It seems that, in this case, there is something else that is causing you trouble.

Try to pull the cable USB out of the streamer (with the devices turned on), and then return it back…