Volumio 2.411 on AppleTV 1st generation

I am very happy if you continue my project.
You need a pc with Linux and a 8gb usb stick.
When you are ready, I will start with instructions.

No problem really.
Good continuation.


I’m reading this thread and I’m very interested on what you’ve accomplished.
I have an Apple TV1 shelved and I’m interested in turning it into a usable device to watch movies in HD resolution and listening to streaming music or files recorded on the internal drive. I was using the great OSMC image for the AppleTV as it is a very nice work of polishing kodi for this device. However, the latest OSMC for AppleTV available is from October 2017 and is based on Debian 8 Jessie.

I wanna run a more updated version of Debian on apple TV and it’s very interesting that you managed to run the latest Buster on it. My goal is to use command line players and clients to stream music and videos from youtube, spotify, deezer, tidal. I’ll try to ressurect the support for the crystalHD card to enable 1080p youtube streams on even netflix streams from command line. Maybe build a simple UI using Ncurses or very basic X sever without any window manager. Have done some experiments streaming youtube video files at 720p maximum and it runs ok. I have an CrystalHD card and I’ll try to get it running to stream at 1080p. I dont need more resolution as my plan is to use the apple tv at a mountain lodge during vacations.

And for audio, Apple TV 1 offers 129kHz, 24 bit audio and nice analog circuitry after the realtek dac, resulting in very nice audio trough the RCA connectors.

This port of Volumio is very interesting too. Runs nice on the Apple TV but unfortunatelly it’s also based on jessie…

So, could you share what you did to boot buster on the AppleTV?

I’m not a developer. I’m just a retired aeronautical engineer but I think with some effort I can do some progress. I’m using the Apple TV to learn more about linux.


Kind regards,


Hello villa,

Could you possibly share your recipe?
I’m very interested on making an updated release of Volumio for the AppleTV based on buster or even on another rolling distro like arch…

kind regards



Good lord. LOL
I meant sharing a hard disk image!
Sorry for the misunderstanding. I’m not native english speaker

I perfectly understand. I wrongly assumed that sharing a fresh install would be easy to do.
Sorry for asking.

Could you then just help with some tips with the booting chain?
I’ll try this VM method you’ve done.


I would be interested in continuing this project. Volumio has transformed my music room.

Or, If you’re willing to continue porting, I can send you a working appleTV 1st generation.

if you have a pc with linux os, I can guide you to porting Volumio on AppleTV.


Yes I have a pc with linux OS.

I send you a PM