Update 2.224 to 2.225

I updated to version 2.224.
When I give it to Check Update, it does nothing, I can not update to 2.225
Any idea?

shortly after you posted this, I updated to 2.245. Maybe when you were trying, they were changing over? You might just try again.

I updated from version 2.201 to 2.224. No problems.
Now I wanted to updat to version 2.245, nothing happens. I try it a few times with no success.
What can I do?


Guys please send us logs
volumio.github.io/docs/User_Man … oting.html

which device are you using?

I also succesfully updated to 2.224. Updating to 2.245 does not work. I’m using a RPi 3. I uploaded my logs, and I also checked them myself. This seems to be the problem:

Jul 29 10:31:19 volumio systemd[1]: Starting volumio-remote-updater.service...
Jul 29 10:31:19 volumio systemd[1]: Started volumio-remote-updater.service.
Jul 29 10:31:19 volumio volumio-remote-updater[749]: /usr/local/bin/volumio-remote-updater: error while loading shared libraries: libboost_thread.so.1.63.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Jul 29 10:31:19 volumio systemd[1]: volumio-remote-updater.service: main process exited, code=exited, status=127/n/a
Jul 29 10:31:19 volumio systemd[1]: Unit volumio-remote-updater.service entered failed state.

Is there a way to manually fix this via SSH?

Same for me on both my Raspberry
send the logs for both

OK, issuing this command (via ssh) and rebooting fixed it:

sudo ldconfig -v

Thank you!
it worked for me

Thanks! Work fine.

For me too!

Interesting, what was the first version you did ever isntall on the system?

The last, 2.223

2.223 was a test build, meant only for testing purpose, so you won’t be able to update.
Please flash with official build

Michelangelo, work fine doing sudo ldconfig -v

Hhm. I have the same problem (Version 2.222 on RasPi3), the update button doesn’t work anymore.

Unfortunately I am not able to connect to Volumio via SSH / putty. I get an error “Network error. Connection refused.” Has anyone an idea how to fix this?


Load the volumio web UI dev page to activate ssh

name-of-Volumio.local/dev (on Bonjour enabled device) replace “name-of-Volumio” with the name of your Volumio server

Volumio.server.IP/dev (on most OS’s) replace “Volumio.server.IP” with the IP address of your Volumio server

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When trying to use ‘Check Updates’ via the UI on v2.224, I am getting no response, despite that v2.246 is now available. Any option other than to re-flash with the latest?

Probably Michelangelo was trying to say this:
Look at the second method.

Thanks a lot, that worked for me!

The other hint with the sudo-command worked as well so that I am able to update again.

Thank you folks!