The new simpler Volumio 3 Subscription plan

Dear Volumio users,
It is now over 3 years since we launched MyVolumio, the premium features tier that allowed us to sustain the development of Volumio as it is today and to continue its growth.

First of all, I shall say that the results we achieved with MyVolumio exceeded any expectations, both in terms of adoption and how it supported the growth of Volumio.
And I and the team could not be more grateful to thousands of users who gave us support and trust by subscribing to a premium plan.

Still, we always strive to improve.

This is why we are announcing a revision of MyVolumio premium tiers. This decision comes after taking into consideration the feedback from the community and the complaints and suggestions of existing subscribers.

The main goals of this revision are:

  • Simplifying the offer and making it as straightforward as possible
  • Keep a good balance and clear differentiation between Free vs Premium features
  • Take into account the different spending power of different parts of the world.

We believe that the release of Volumio3 is the perfect timing to do this change, as it provides a lot of extra value compared to Volumio2 and it is easy to understand.

What changes?

Instead of having Virtuoso and Superstar tiers, there will be only one “Premium plan”, which will be called, guess what, Premium.

The new Premium plan will have the same features and benefits of the current Superstar plan and it will be priced in between Virtuoso and Superstar.
It will be available both with a Monthly and a Yearly billing cycle.

Premium will be initially priced at 6,49 euros per month (if billed monthly) and 4,99 euros per month (if billed yearly).

It is our intention to adapt the pricing to the different spending power in various parts of the world, and we expect this to happen around Q1 2021.

How will this impact existing subscribers?

We want to reward those who put their faith in us by subscribing to a MyVolumio Plan, and therefore we have done our best to ensure that this change will bring just benefits to you guys.

Existing Superstar users will be automatically switched to Premium on launch (paying less than what they do now).

Virtuoso users can keep their Virtuoso account and benefit from the same features they have today, until they cancel or upgrade their subscription.

We will also come up with some further incentives for existing Virtuoso users who would love to upgrade to Premium.

Note that since Virtuoso and Superstar plans will no longer be available, if a user of those plans cancels their subscription, they won’t be able to reinstate it (only subscribe to Premium).

We will be also resetting all trials, so if you already tried MyVolumio in the past, you will have 15 days free trial of Premium.

How will this impact new subscribers?

From the launch of Volumio3, Virtuoso and Superstar will cease to be an option, and there will just be 2 tiers: Free and Premium.
Everyone will have 15 days free trial to decide if what we have done is worth your support.

Is this set in stone?

No. We did our best to come up with a balanced and well-thought proposition, but we know that it can be improved. So we will keep an eye on your feedback and if some idea comes up to make it even better, we’ll be really glad to hear it and do it.
So, feel free to suggest and provide feedback on this change. Any constructive discussion is welcome to make Volumio better.


Virtuoso user here, to understand that I am forced to move to superstar subscription… Now premium will cost around 60euros… I do not see the în between price…

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You’re not forced, you can stay in Virtuoso. At least until you cancel or you decide to upgrade to Premium (which we hope to make a good enough work to make you embrace it).

I like the new scheme, but what will happen to Superstar Lifetime?


I was just about to ask you, how can I upgrade my plan to superstar without paying the full price(payment of my virtuoso is from less than month ago)

But now the question would be how we do it with the premium?

For Superstar lifetime users nothing will change. They will retain their Superstar account (equivalent to Premium) for life.


Very easy: if you upgrade you will pay the difference of the price, considering how much is remaining for the next billing cycle.

For example: if you have already Virtuoso, from 6 months. You will pay the difference from Virtuoso to Premium divided by two (because you will use 6 months). At the next renewal you will pay the full premium price.

All good, from a Superstar user perspective.

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Ah yes, so it seems. This was not very clear until i pressed the button to change the plan and i was afraid of it charging me second time full price.

Upgraded successfully :slight_smile:

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So what exactly are the difference between the current Virtuoso and the upcoming Premium? I.e. what are the extra benefits current Virtuoso users would get in exchange for the extra €€s each month should they choose to upgrade?

  • Up to 6 devices
  • Highresaudio integration
  • Music information

and some other stuff


Premium plan almost equal to current superstar subscription in terms of price :frowning:

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I’ve upgraded as well. But I don’t see any artist info or credits even with bigger names like Air, Agnes Obel, etc.

Anything that needs te be activated?

Edit: now I do

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Is there a list of what is included now on the Free tier and what is Premium?

I was on Virtuoso simply because the QoBuz integration was not included in the free tier. Is Qobuz now in the free tier of v3 or would I have to pay 6.49 a month to stream it instead of 2.49?

(I have currently suspended Virtuoso and QoBuz while looking at other Hi-Res alternatives, so this is from the perspective of somebody who doesn’t already have a Virtuoso subscription)

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I am in the same situation

This is from the opening post, so you do not have to upgrade if you do not want to:

Yes. I read that. But as I said, I’ve stopped my Virtuoso at the moment so I don’t have a subscription. I’m wondering whether I would need a Premium subscription to use QoBuz in future if I go back.

Hi, I’m looking forward to try the new version. I understand the amount of work that gets into development, hence I think that new pricing is still rational for what you get.

However, for 6 euros a month, I expect to have an android app, at least something basic, and not to rely on web interface all the time. Honestly, if Tidal didn’t come up with it’s new connect feature, I might have never looked into Volumio.

When will Premium be available?

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The android app is available, and the updated version will be released soon, with plenty of improvements

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