The new simpler Volumio 3 Subscription plan

Happen to know if it’s possible to beta/alpha test it?

beta program was available, but it looks like all the spots have been taken

Yeah, perhaps someone can give me the APK to test it :stuck_out_tongue:

What does this mean exactly? I’m currently able to play highres audio e.g. from high res local files or from unfolded MQA files from Tidal with my current Virtuoso subscription. Would the support for these be dropped from Virtuoso in the future and only made available via Premium plan?

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Highresaudio is streaming service(?) Like tidal or Spotify.

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How do you get V3? I am running V2.9xx and check upgrade indicates i have the latest version

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Will there be a Roon Bridge plugin coming soon?

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Oh I’m sorry, this question is in the wrong thread.

Thank you for the hard work.
“Highres integration” was mentioned somewhere as a feature in V3, but it’s not really clear what does that mean? I wouldn’t like to lose my Tidal/Connect features.
Also, since I don’t want to change my Virtuoso plan yet, will a free-trial of V3 work on another Pi on the same WiFi network? Would like to try it out and see…

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Highresaudio (dot com) is just another streaming service like Tidal or Qobuz. It doesn’t have anything to do with file format or resolution from other services

I guess it is important to mention that you will need a subscription like on qobuz… I never heard about this streaming service until volumio…

I haven’t heard of this service either, nor am I interested in it.
I would just like someone from Volumio to respond if the Tidal and Tidal Connect services will be a part of the Premium subscription…

Tidal (including connect), Qobuz, HighRes etc are paid features. So yes, they will be only available for Premium Users

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Thank you

Is there any way to upgrade my monthly virtuoso to yearly ?

Yes, from the Volumio 3 UI you can upgrade your Virtuoso Monthly to Premium Yearly

So it’s too late ? I don’t want the premium

Instead of monthly virtuoso, I wanted yearly virtuoso

Hi unable to start my premium trial just gets checkout error

Can you post a screenshot?
From which plan are you starting?