Sound@home - Android App for multi rooms and other

I have recently installed Volumio on an RPI 2B (Raspberry Pi 2B) connected to my LAN via wired ethernet. My router is configured to apply a static DHCP lease so that the RPI always gets the same ip address ( when connected. This all works very well.

I then installed Sound@Home on a Samsung S7 connected over wifi to the same LAN, and selected auto-configure. It immediately wrote a set of incorrect configuration settings to the RPI in the file /etc/dhcpcd.conf. It therefore configured the RPI as having a static ip address of its own ( - not the static ip DHCP lease provided by the router ( This caused an ip address conflict on my LAN with another device, and the RPI failed to connect.

I then manually reset the etc/dhcpcd.conf file on the RPI to back to the correct settings to allow for dynamic allocation of a static DHCP ip address ( from the router’s DHCP server and rebooted the RPI. It all worked fine again.

Next, I selected manual configuration from the Sound@Home App, and entered as the ip address of Volumio on the RPI. This too updated /etc/dhcpcd.conf on the RPI to the wrong ip address

Not great - basically Sound@Home immediately breaks my Volumio installation and creates an ip address conflict with another networked device, as soon as I try to use it. Anyone suggest a solution?

this is strange since in manual mode nothing is sent or write to Raspberry.
In manual mode the ip you enter is just set on the Application side.
There should be something strange writing this info on raspberry.
If you are able to take an Android logcat this can help on understanding if the App has something strange.

Unfortunately, the ability to manually configure Sound@Home is gone. I reset the configuration and it only offers automatic configuration after I select the number of rooms. I even uninstalled and re-installed the app with the same result. My volumio installations are already configured, I only want to be able to control them from the android app. Is there any app update planned?

Hi All,
Long time passed but I would like to inform you I found time for a totally new version of Sound@home app. Still totally free :slight_smile:

If you want to give it a chance and try it I’m happy to have your feedback.

Have a nice day!