Sound@home - Android App for multi rooms and other

I have a pleasure to inform that together with the new Volumio release also dedicated Android Application has been released to control Volumio and give multirooms functionality.

In the App called Sound@home you will find:

UI for simple management
Control up to 5 rooms
Player with full comands, volume, progress bar, name song etc.
Playlist full management (Add/remove/play)
Database Full Management (Add/add and Play/Update)
Add/remove NAS for one or all rooms
WebRadio Playing
WebRadio Add/Remove
Automatic configuration of Volumio devices

All for free on Google Play: … .soundhome


That sounds great but unfortunately it was not available for my phone which is a Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100). Samsung sold loads of those phones so I believe I am not the only volumio user with that phone. If it could be made available for my phone that would be great!

Hi ENSen,
I just checked and it seems the tag I used in the Manifest file to remove small screens products:

is not correctly managed from all phones.

I’m going to change this tag and re-compile it to publish an update soon (tomorrow morning)

That’s great. Thank you!

I just updated new version 1.1beta.
Now all the devices (except KitKat OS) should be supported.
KitKat has introduced big changes on menu so I need to make dedicated changes for new KitKat OS.

Please let me know if you have some problem, I will try to feedback as soon as possible :slight_smile:

Enjoy it!

Now I could install it. Beautiful app!

Thanks EnSen,
if you like it just write a post on Google play and star teh apps … this will make me happy :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!

Do you have any plans for us poor iPhone user suckers? :laughing:

Is it possible to control multiroom from a browser?


Hi guussie,
unfortunately iphone is Apple product and it’s not open projects as you know;) so mainly their philosophy is not matching our :slight_smile:

Maybe in the future based on how many requests we will get we can evaluate also iPhone apps.

bye and have nice day!

Would it be technically possible to consider a web app? I appreciate your concern for open software and it’s not unlikely that Apple would refuse the app, but a web app could perhaps work…

Hi guussie,
thanks for your suggestion. We will try to evaluate also this opportunity

Hi guys,
new version v1.2b of sound@home has been published on Google Play.

What’s new?

version 1.2b:

  • fixes applied for phones with no menu soft key (Like Nexus 4 and Nexus 5) - New dedicated menu button inserted on the bottom/right
  • Improved UI for xhdpi resolution phones (like LG Optimus G)
  • Fixed ANR reported


First I want to say, that sound@home is great…thanks a lot :slight_smile:
However maybee you can change the Volume bar.
There is just in the top of the bar the possibility to change the volume.
| loud
| off

But maybee I made a mistake !!?

On Nexus S sound@home crashes often.
I will sent reports.

Of course and I have also sent a donation. Thanks for your amazing work on this.

Do you think you could add also an icon for “Add replace and play” in library part of the app?

Hi Erl,
thanks for your comment.
About the Volume bar you are right. Unfortunately the bar is just sending the volume value to be set [ from 0(bottom) to 100 (top)] to the Volumio but it seems this is the current behaviour. So I’m thinking to use a non linear function like for example below:

| 100
| 98
| 93
| 90
| 85
| 70
| 50
| 30
---- 0

But I need to make some check and attempts and I want also to check this with Michelangelo if something can be fixed on Volumio side (but I know he is fully working on other fixes :smiley: ).

Yes please send reports of Nexus S and I will check them to understand what’s happening (we are in beta version and I hope to have time to implement and fix all your suggestion/comments).


Hi ENSen,
thank you so much! I appreciated a lot!

Yes sure we can and we need to do. We already have a plan for this as follow:

Add and play --> when selecting song title in the library
Add and play current button will be replaced by “Add replace and play” button

Stay tuned to check when new version will be published…



Hi Erl,
thansk for the report.
I found the problem I will try to fix it soon and publish new version.


Yep the volume is an issue on Volumio’s side… Working on that!

Hi Erl,
please let me know if new version 1.3 now works on Nexus S. Unfortunately I don’t have one so I cannot check.