Simple EQ plugin

I open a new thread with this problem since I don’t know if it happens only to me.
I think I have read that the problem exists, it is that if I install the EQ plugin, the broadcast is not heard, everything is normal on the screen, the time indicator advances but the sound is not heard.
I use Rasp 3 + Allo Boss + the latest version of Volumio.
I am doing something wrong?

Do you use last version of the plugin? V 0.0.5
Was it working on your hardware before an update?
I suggest you to disable the plugin. Set your Dac and volume mixer. Reboot and check if everything is ok.
If yes, enable the plugin. Wait 20 sec. Play something. If no sound, reboot (do not try to change settings on Volumio playback options).
Let me know

Hi @balbuze, I don’t see the EQ update. Where can I download it from?

I found the new version on GitHub, it follows the same problem, it looks like it plays but there is no sound. You need jornalctrl -f?
(new interface look great!)

hi! I discovered something is wrong with alloboss. I need to investigate. Sorry

No problem, I am at your disposal to try whatever you need.

Current version of Simple EQ plugin is version 0.4.2 I believe.

No, there is a new version, 0.0.5

Thanks. Weird that version 0.0.5 is newer then version 0.4.2.

Also the Android UI version has the frequency band first # blocked by the slider. So you dont see the “1” in 100 Hz or 156 Hz displayed over their sliders.

I made a error while writing version number…
It’s because it doesn’t appear as an update, but only if the EQ is not installed…
I’ll correct it :slight_smile: thanks
For the text hidden, it is fix in the new Volumio update (coming soon). You’ll see a nice equalizer like that EQ
Just to know, what is the HW (board, Dac) you use?

I pushed a new version, please test it : volsimpleequal :wink:

No @balbuze, it doesn’t work … Does the update have the same version number, 0.0.5?

Thank you for your quick reply.

Will do on the testing.

My HW is an RPI3 with a IQAudioAMP+.


All seems AOK with version 0.5.5 Simple EQ plugin.

Thank you again.


Do you use a dev version of volumio (2.824) which includes the new layout EQ ?
I will publish a new version asking for a reboot after you enable the plugin. Some Dac are problematic without…

I am on Volumio 2.806, the current official version.

Yes, I did reboot after install and after settings where made.

My bad…
By using the sequence repeatedly:

mkdir ./volsimpleequal
miniunzip -d ./volsimpleequal
cd ./volsimpleequal
volumio plugin install

and not delete the auxiliary files created in the root directory, it always reinstalled the first downloaded version.
Yes, I use Volumio version 2.824.
Later I test the operation.

Please, some adjustement in volsimpleequal 0.5.6 :wink:

Hi @balbuze, I’ve been testing the EQ 0.5.6. After a while of running, randomly and with any source, the sound cuts out and a squeak begins, similar to pink noise but with popping sounds. You change the font and it returns to normal. And it repeats.
Now I uninstalled the plugin, and everything works normally.
Could it be a plugin bug?

I got white noise also with both versions - .005 and .055 versions. I just stopped the song and played the next song and all was fine. The prior song was stopped prior to plugin activation and then resumed.

I assumed this static noice was do to the fact that the existing digital stream of the resumed song was changed midstream.