Raspberry Pi 4 Volumio Not Working Hot Spot Not Appearing on Wireless List

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:volumio-2.861-2020-12-22-pi
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4

Volumio-2.806-2020-07-29-pi stopped working yesterday. I swapped out Volumio MicroSD card and put in Rasparian OS card and discovered that wasn’t working either.

Downloaded 2020-12-02-raspios-buster-armhf-full, formatted and flashed MicroSD card and got Raspberry Pi SBC going. Then fromated and flashed another card with volumio-2.861-2020-12-22-pi.img but unable to get Volumio running headless.

Volumio Hotspot does not appear in wireless network list, can’t ping IP address or load http://volumio.local/. I’ve fformated and flashed SD card several times but can’t get it running. I went through this process serveral weeks ago with Volumio-2.806-2020-07-29-pi and had no problems.

I’m out of ideas. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

Paul Burkhardt

I’m also having trouble seeing, and also connecting, to the Hotspot on a fresh install. Sadly I only have a Pi Zero so I can’t connect via a cable. I believe it is a compatibility problem with my USB WiFi dongles but I know I got one of the three I tried in the past (with an old Volumio varient) to work fine. The only one of the three that even shows in my WiFi list but won’t connect (no valid IP)
As an aside I have checked all my Dongles in a windows PC and they all install and work perfectly. Having spent about 2 days faffing with Volumio (again) I am on the verge of abandoning it for Picoreplayer which installs and works great (with a very quick boot time) My only reason for sticking at it is the hardware buttons and volume rotary I have built in that I’d like to still use.
My advice is to download an old install, change wifi adaptors, or connect with a network cable. if none of those work, set fire to it. At least it’ll keep you warm.

I’ve plugged in ethernet cable and checked Raspberry PI IP address from router and discovered there is none. It looks like Volumio is not booting at all so no ethernet/wifi hot spot.

Check downloaded image file MD5, bought a new 64 GB microSD card and loaded volumio-2.861-2020-12-22-pi image. Rebooted with new SD card, waited a considerable time but router showing Raspberry PI Mac address but no IP address and no Volumio hot spot.

Raspberry PI Boot loader is Sep 3 2020. I’ve no clue how to trouble shoot this!!

Reformated a new 64G SD card and flashed the 22/12/2020 image and Volumio now works on Raspberry PI4. I’m not sure what that was all about but suspect the SD card format and imaging. Thanks