[PLUGIN] Touch Display

Thanks for testing!

Too bad… So although the display uses the same driver as the original Raspberry Pi Foundation Touchscreen it obviously behaves differently. The difference in behaviour is the more annoying as there doesn’t seem to be a way to distinguish one from the other by software.

I also tried 270 degrees, same problem. then there is indeed a difference compared to the Raspberry Pi Foundation touchscreen.

It would be interesting for me to know if this also applies to the Pi 3, which has different video hardware than the Pi 4.

I can test this if you want but not before tonight.

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That would be great.

got to test it a little earlier.

okay a fresh install of volumio2 on a raspberry pi 3b version 1.2.
touchscreen set to 90 degrees and 20 seconds timeout and no screensaver on.

and here also the same problem after 20 seconds the screen dims slightly also at 270 degrees it does not work.

only difference is that now the touch is good.

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Thank you very much for your effort!

So at least the display behaves similarly “wrong” on Pi3 and Pi4 if rotation is set to 90 deg. (270 deg. will be no different) when the screen should enter DPMS mode “off”…

Although I don’t expect this to be a solution, but while you’re at it: Could you increase GPU mem to e.g. 64MB and check if it makes a difference?

set it to 64mb and it makes no difference.

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Thank you, this confirms my expectation.


Hi Just to let you know.
I Just found the actual reason for the weird behavior of the touch part.
There is a new plugin “Now Playing” that messes up the touch calibration.
After enabling this one, the touch rotation was 180 deg rotated. disabling it the touch was back to normal.

@Wheaten Thank you for the hint!

I also installed it, maybe this explains the problem with the touch. will test it tonight.


Yep, I saw you had the same brand.
Just remove both “Now Playing” and “Touch Display”, reboot and install only “Touch Display”.
For me there is a bypass, as my model has a hardware button to rotate the touch orientation.

as far as I know that touch problem is only with me at 90 and 270 degrees 0 degrees is okay, 180 degrees I have not tried yet. will let you know tonight.

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attention attention, check, check, he he :grimacing:…now playing plugin installed and enabled, touchscreen plugin at 180 degrees screen should now be reversed but nothing happens stays at 0 degrees and the touch is not good and out of line screen goes off after the set time. 90 and 270 degrees does rotate to the position but touch is not okay and screen does not turn off.

zero degrees is okay.
raspberry pi 4.