[PLUGIN] m3u_importer

I’ve just released a plugin to import playlists in the common M3U format into Volumio.

Who will be the first one to give it a try and let me know how/if it works for them?

Read more here.



Hi Skip.

Tried the plugin to import a JRivers smartlist to Volumio. However I run into an issue with the path.
JRiver runs on a different pi and the NAS is mounted to /mnt/music/, on Volumio the NAS is mounted on /mnt/NAS/QNAP.
So every track fails to import.


Hi Wheaten,

Thanks for giving it a try! I guess the good news is that at least it installed and ran.

Could you tell me what the path to the playlist you tired to import was and an example of where the importer looked for the track vrs where the track actually is?


So Both Pi’s are connected to the same NAS. Using JRiver to maintain the library as Volumio lacks this.
So a line in *.m3u looks like:
mnt/music/Steel Pulse/(1984) - Reggae Greats/1009 - Steel Pulse - Reggae Fever.flac

When importing I take the following settings:

Part of log:
import_m3u: file “1980 - 1989.m3u”
modalResult: “”
processing /mnt/NAS/QNAP//1980 - 1989.m3u
file has carrage returns and line feeds
m3uLine:0 m3uLines.length:190
dir: /mnt/NAS/QNAP/
uri: /mnt/music/Steel Pulse/(1985) - Babylon the Bandit/1003 - Steel Pulse - School Boys Crush (Jail Bait) (LP Version).flac
importSimpleM3u: calling fileUri, self.uri /mnt/music/Steel Pulse/(1985) - Babylon the Bandit/1003 - Steel Pulse - School Boys Crush (Jail Bait) (LP Version).flac
artist: “1003”
title: “Steel Pulse - School Boys Crush (Jail Bait) (LP Version)”
uri line: “/mnt/music/Steel Pulse/(1985) - Babylon the Bandit/1003 - Steel Pulse - School Boys Crush (Jail Bait) (LP Version).flac”
modalResult: “”
While processing 1980 - 1989.m3u couldn’t find “/mnt/music/Steel Pulse/(1985) - Babylon the Bandit/1003 - Steel Pulse - School Boys Crush (Jail Bait) (LP Version).flac”
message: “While processing 1980 - 1989.m3u couldn’t find “1003 - Steel Pulse - School Boys Crush (Jail Bait) (LP Version).flac””
importPlaylists returning
dialog_result: answer continue
fileNdx 3
file 4 of 575 modalResult “continue”
modalQuestion: “track_error”
modalResult: “continue”
calling import_m3u

It might be working with a replace structure:
find: “/mnt/music/”
replace: “mnt/NAS/QNAP/”

Yup that will probably fix it. I had thought about adding dialog fields to support renaming, but it just seemed to complicated.

All of my playlists use relative paths which aren’t problematic.


Surely I see the potential of this plugin.
Currently I need to convert my playlist via Excel, as JRiver can create them dynamically.
It’s a lot of copying…

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I’ll take another look and adding a find and replace capability.

Thanks for testing the plugin and the feedback !


Hi Skip, well done on the plugin, and thank you for including a post in the Volumio Plugins Collection.

I’ve taken the liberty of adding a link there to this topic, so people know where they can ask questions, give feedback etc.

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Just a note to anyone thinking of trying this plugin … it works for me on the V3 release after a manual plugin install.


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@Skip_Hansen signed up here to thank you for making this plugin! It seems to have some issues finding files with special characters like european letters or korean characters, but I can live with that. Overall it is great, thanks so much.

Thanks for the feedback! It’s nice to know someone has the plugin to be of value!

The only entry in my personal library that had other than ASCII characters was Déjà Vu by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. I had problems with it initially but I got it working so I hoped that would be good enough testing for extended characters.

If you would like to create an issue and provide an example of a failure I’ll see if there’s anything I can do. The issue tracker is here: Issues · skiphansen/volumio-plugins · GitHub


Thanks! I was able to import my MediaMonkey M3U playlists. Had to update the paths a bit to use local storage, but it worked. Used Notepad++ to do a mass update of the paths, and the plugin did the rest.

Changed the relative path from …\Music\ to \mnt\USB\MusicStorage\Music\

it just worked for me - followed the install instructions on the repo.
I have many .m3u playlists and my music is on a Buffalo LinkStation NAS (smb/cifs).

the only problem is that some track names have non-ascii letters in them
(mostly Bach, e.g., “Wer nur den lieben Gott läßt walten.wav”).
filenames must be all ascii - is this a Volumio thing?