[NOT RECOMENDED!] Plugin and Tweaks Adventures on Buster Betas

I tried to trace using journalctl.
I have made 2 files

  1. While starting FusionDSP : FusionDSP Enable.txt (23.4 KB)
  2. While Playing with Spotify and FusionDSP enabled : FusionDSP Play.txt (30.7 KB)

In the trace of playing, i can see an error on camilladsp.

Jul 15 21:47:13 volumio kernel: traps: camilladsp[14604] trap invalid opcode ip:56334dcfc2f8 sp:7fff331ba460 error:0 in camilladsp[56334dcd1000+2c8000]

Maybe it helps.

Looks like you have a divide by 0 error. - Are you sure camiladsp is compiled properly for your platform?

Camilladsp is compiled with some CPU optimization. I’m going to recompile a version without optimization, maybe more compatible.
But in any case, on my system (Vm x86) even if Camilladsp works, I get no sound.

Hi Balbuze,
on the FusionDSP we can save as preset EQs from headset for instance. But it does not save the Crossfeed and db in the preset.
Could we do that?

Yes, it could be done. I’ll have a look asap.
Just for info, can you write what you use in the plugin, what you wish and your what is your hardware.

I just realized it’s not FusionDSP but Parametric Eq with CamillaDSP, not sure if it’s the same thing.
But I use EQ for Headset from the list provided, crossfeed and gain, I saved my Preset for it.
but only the EQ seems to be saved.
I use RPi3B+ with Hifiberry DAC+Pro.
And I just installed FusionDSP, but there is no crossfeed and gain.

FusionDsp includes all featuures + graphic EQ + FIR.
So, you mixed something…
Make sure to remove previously downloaded files before installing a new version.
Gain for L+R is only useful if you need different volume level between L and R. You don’t need it for Eq as the gain is automatically calculated according to filters used.

I’m going to remove other Dsp,Eq plugins, as the only maitnained is FusionDsp

ok thanks, I will uninstall the old plugin in first and try again.

Any idea if its possible to make it work on the X86/64 architectures.

I’m working on it… But I can’t make it work… Something not fully related to the plugin prevent it… I let you if something better :wink:

thank you.

I pushed a new version where more parameters are saved in each preset (crossfeed, loudness, L and R levels)

Nice, thanks

With Parametric Eq with CamillaDSP, spotify was working, not anymore with FusionDSP. Volumio 3.067.
I didn’t want to update anymore to not break things. So I guess I’m going back to PEq CamillaDSP.

FusionDsp use the same Camilladsp than Parametric EQ… Try to disable and tenable Spotify.
Where did you downloaded Spotify? From my repo?

Long time ago, I had to create a folder under home/volumio and copy spop into it. I think you or Supercrab told me to do that.
I think I got it from your post #10

I just tested and Spotify works with FusionDsp for me

ok, I will uninstall and reinstall

Cool it’s working, I installed your Connect2 instead. Thanks