[NOT RECOMENDED!] Plugin and Tweaks Adventures on Buster Betas

Understood, so I should go with beta version, then instal plugins by hand : touch plugin and peppymeter? I use also spotify

Yes. And install Spotify (both if you need) from my repo, from branch modular_alsa (same for peppymeter) or you ll get no sound

I have installed peppymeter in buster version.
Working great. Just need to install the spotify autentification page. I do not know how to do that. I have installed only spotify connect from your github.

Install spop from my repo branch alsa_modular😉

  1. Yes I saw that :D. I have entered in all your folders but there are no instructions like on peppymeter with wget command.
  2. For spotify connect do I need to have installed nr 1?

Even if there is no instruction, this is the same procedure.
wget the file.zip (copy the link from GitHub)
mkdir folder
miniunzip file.zip -d ./folder
cd folder
volumio plugin install

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I took a look after zip file but there is none. In pepy it was the zip file.

Pls see thread volumio 3 buster beta for rpi threadm on forst post you will find tge link to download the image.
2. Install touch plugin from the touch display plugin. I have post it today in that thread…
3. Install peppy meter from balbuze github from. Modular alsa branch folder.

Sory for being annoying but how can I download all files from github. I saw on net that shouod be a button : download as zis but I can not find it.

unzip, install as usual : spop.zip (1,7 Mo)
I suggest to stop talking about Spotify in this thread :wink:

thanks. it is working :slight_smile: and peppy + spotify of course

i did not know where should I post it so I will post here .
Spotify connect does not work in buster version , Kindly please see the logs, I know that buster does not support plugins ,buster_beta_spotify_connect_failed1.txt (8.2 KB)

@Lintbf I moved all your posts from various threads here with a big disclaimer that this isn’t recommended at this stage.
It might be an option to use the discord channel for this kind of stuff until plugins are officially supported :slight_smile:

Try using the fixes from for the new ALSA configuration from

I’ve only tested for a few devices, seems to work for my simple cases :wink:

Can I install this plugin in buster beta version?

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Yes, someone has tried it and it works.

I have install it but when I open the plugin it says with red pls install a newer version or updated one and not settings are shown.

Do you have a screenshot? Maybe @Darmur can shed some light on this? He has tested this version.

Soryy, it appear in the right corner. Then it did not appear. Just no settings in plugin window.

Does mpd_oled work on its own? What instructions did you follow to install mpd_oled?

Hi ,
On Volumio2 the mpd oled is working . Now I have shifted to buster version and try ti install also the binary package from mpd_oled/install_volumio2_deb.md at master · antiprism/mpd_oled · GitHub but if gives me an error and I posted in mpd oled thread .