[NOT RECOMENDED!] Plugin and Tweaks Adventures on Buster Betas

ok thanks, I will try that for GPIO_buttons plug in.
And will deal with mpd_oled another way.

RPi 3B running Volumiobuster 3.066
Hifiberry AMP2
wifi from NAS

I’m controlling Volumio with Websocket API from Python using Python socketio library

When playing a track emitting Pause then Play causes the track to start from the beginning again not from where it left off. This is different behaviour from the browser UI which operates as expected. (Note I also saw the same issue with previous install 2.873, websocet API retstarts the track, browser UI starts where it left off)

I ran a simple Python script which did the following sequence:
Emit Play
Wait 20 seconds
Emit Pause
Wait 20 seconds
Emit Play

Logfile is here:

Unrelated issue - mpd logfile contains
exception: Failed to open mixer for ‘alsa’: no such mixer control: PCM

Hi ,
I want to install the 80s80s radio plugin on buster version . Could you please point me out how to compile it to make it available also on buster version .User @Fybrox provided a fix for the index.js file - due to crashing Volumio 2.x.

You shouldn’t have to compile it - just install it the way you installed all the other plugins you have running currently. It should work…

Many thanks @fybrox , @ashthespy .
The plugin is working also on buster version with the fix from Fybrox.
This is just great , also album art is ok :slight_smile: Perhaps it could add it again in the pluginstore

@Fybrox. Do you encounter issue on volumio 2? On volumio 3.0 the ui from phone becomes stuck and I can longer control volumio. After I stopp the music from locally connect2 display the is ok. I can start another radio station…
This is sporadic.
When I do volumio status I have observed that after seek keyword a vey long number string. I guess do to this the ui becomes stuck.
When I check this keyword on another radio station the string is composed from 4 or 5 numbers. Somehow in the plugin this string increases very much
Edit 2.
I have started to listen ghe 80s80s Radio From the plugin and the “seek” := 54566 string contained only 5 numbers, but as soon as I have started to play with ui from phone value if the string started to increase… Seek:= 6578…n. And the ui becomes again stuck.
I realy live this plugin because all 80s and 90s are in a common place and the most important is the albumart for every song.
I really appreciate nay help. If I need to do something just pls telll me.

Hello !
Yes, I also noticed some bugs under Volumio 2.x :
A serious one when server for metadata answers busy or unavailable, it crashes Volumio.
Another less serious, not blocking I believe, that you notice and I also, in the state of Volumio, in connection with timer settings for songs.
I can watch but I’m running out of time to go fast. I’ll keep you posted here.

This thread is related to Volumio buster beta, aka Volumio 3. So create an other thread, and indicate your hw, the version for Volumio and all plugin you have installed. Thanks :+1:

Hello balbuze,
This plugin is installed on volumio buster beta c 3.067. I look in the future :).
I have installed mpd oled, peppymeter, touch plugin. All is working nice. As I said this 80s plugin is state of the art. If you când make it work it will be a great pleasure for me and for others I guess. I can help with logs…

Yes I understand, I’ll post here it’s better too I think:

@Lintbf it was for @Fybrox :wink:

Hi Folks,

Is anyone working on the Rotary Plugin for Volumio 3 ?
I noticed i could use the volume control with Hifiberry Digi as of the latest beta release “Volumiobuster-3.067-2021-04-16-pi”
I tried to install the Plugin of Saiyato, but as expected it failed to install on the beta.