New Volumio Spotify Plugin Open Beta-Testing


plugin test : enable, and new beta plugin appear in plugin manager

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Please, continue this discussion in the related thread. This one is for Spotify.

How does one create a cron job and play the last playlist? Will the googles help or could a kind user help a novice out.

Have look at my post:

Your cron would look like below, it will restart every day at 23:00:
0 23 * * * root /home/volumio/

And autostart is a plugin:

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Indeed I am seeing the same thing here (3.378 / 3.06). The jumping doesn’t happen predictably, some evenings are way better than others. :grinning: But when the 2-second jumping starts it persists within a playlist and can occur on a subsequent, different playlist. There’s also an initialization condition when I first invoke the plugin: When all is well, the plugin initializes to its initial screen in less than a second; When things go awry, the progress bar crawls across the width of the screen, reaches the right boundary, and stays there seemingly permanently. To exit from this state I often have to resort to rebooting my device (Pi3/Digi+). On the upside, when things are working, the plugin’s great. Hopefully, almost there. Thanks!

1st, volumio 3.378 newly installed on a raspberry pi 4.
with Hifiberry DAC+
2nd, Then Spotify plugin 3.06 installed
3. Successfully logged in
4. Trying to start a song: Nothing happens…
5. Also tried another Spotify account, that can’t be the reason.


What am I doing wrong ?


If you try to play from a different source, like radio or usb or network drive, does that play ok?

Have you tried disabling other plugins? Sometimes the DSP plugin seems to cause this with me and I fix it by uninstalling DSP, restarting and then reinstalling.

After a long consideration, Volumio dev team work is too slow on solving issues. I’ll get a wiim mini and reinstall my Primo to a Home Assistant device. I spend too much time on restarting/fixing my Primo vs enjoying music.


Yeah, the buggy plugin, no updates and general silence from any of the Volumio devs is frustrating.

But the straw that broke the camel’s back was the new listening statistics that they are collecting…

I’m also done with Volumio, moved all my devices to hifiberryOS.

Thanks for reply.
Did you mean to say uninstall SPOTIFY plugin or is there a plugin for Volumio itself
other than re flashing the SD card

Just realized I am replying to outdated topic .My issue is with spotify jumping tracks in playlist…I dont know if I am missing something but this forum is difficult to navigate around.

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Hi volumio developer team!
Please send a sign of life and give us a short update about the spotify plugin. It would be a great pity if one user after the other leaves.



Hi I have a problem with Last volumio and Spotify plugin. I’m an artist an di have songs published on Spotify, every day I listen my playlist and I have also my songs inside it but with the new version of Spotify plugin there is a problem that Spotify doesn’t count my streaming! Why? This is an important problem because everyone can listen the music in volumio Spotify plugin but if Spotify doesn’t count this streaming the Artists can’t take their money from streaming! And is like a pirate sites. So please correct this problem because in the first plugin everything was working good like the streaming count. Is not legal make streaming without paying artist. Thanks a lot. Let me know.

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I can add to this .I have a PI 4 and spotify wont work .Local files play fine.
Also on my PI 3 , Spotify works somewhat bit is buggy and tracks in playlist jump from one to the next.

I agree with you, but this behaviour has nothing to do with Volumio. I think it’s worth reporting that to the librespot project ? (the open source library used in this plugin)

Guys, sad to report there are no news on our end… We hear your frustration and it’s something that frustrates us as well.

Long story short: our dev team is fully flooded with maintenance, bug-fixing and all that is needed to run this project.

As I mentioned in the past, to make this plugin work reliably, a total refactoring of the plugin is required to use the newer version of librespot (which has updated Spotify’s APIs). Unfortunately, as of now we can’t commit to such rewriting unless we receive some help. This was and is on our top priority list, but we keep getting new things to do which take precedence.

If someone is willing to provide some help, here’s what we need:

  • Someone fluent in python, which can help us “bridge” the new librespot library with Volumio.
  • Someone which has decent experience with Volumio’s plugin system that can help us with fine-tuning the implementation.

If there is someone willing to help, we really need some helping hands on this one. For those interested please PM me. If we manage to get some help, this can be accomplished quickly.

If we don’t, it’s still our priority to have it fixed, but we don’t know an ETA considering the current situation.


nice update, it was necessary, thank you :+1:

Hello to the community,
I am struggling with my connection between Volumio and Spotify, both Premium service, it constantly falls.
Link to the log pasted below:
Thank you all for the support.
Ciao, Marco