MyVolumio Feedbacks

Maybe I miss something but I don’t know how to link volumio device to myVolumio.

And to put a credit card in beta state I not what I like :frowning:


But What can I do with the free version?


I use myvolumio for a few days,i am very satisfied .would it be possible to have the same sort of filter on the genre (jazz,Classic …) on « mes albums » than on the Qobuz App.


my first impression:
Qobuz, my albums: only 100 albums were shown(why only 100?), sorted by date. i miss about 900 albums and the ability to sort them by artist!

I’ve just started using MyVolumio and am very pleased with it! Even this beta version seems to work very well. No problems encountered on installing it on my Raspberry Pi 3 B+ fitted with Allo DigiOne board, which feeds a free-standing S/PDIF DAC. In turn, this feeds a rather fine Hi-Fi containing electrostatic panel speakers, a valve power amp, and various bespoke bits and pieces. Integration of MyVolumio with Qobuz works seamlessly and effectively - thank you Michaelangelo!!

I’ve just a minor suggestion to make, and a question:

  1. In the ‘Playback’ menu, under ‘Output’, it seems necessary to specify use of an I2S DAC even though I’m not using one. There should really be the alternative option of specifying an S/PDIF connection to a (non-I2S) DAC. At present, I have to enable the I2S DAC option and then specify that the Allo DigiOne is a DAC - which it isn’t.

  2. I used a 32 GB SD card onto which the MyVolumio image was flashed. I’m wondering whether MyVolumio re-partitioned the SD card after installation and created a partition on which music files can be stored. If it did, how do I copy music files from a USB stick into that partition, and access the files from the Volumio user interface? I’ve never programmed in Linux and don’t really want to have to learn how to do that.

Thank you, and kind regards,
Martin Miller (MartinM53)

Myself dont use any streaming service (well at least the ones I interested in are local versions & will not get the support) so I hope the new MyVolumio will be light weight that it wont impact the performance for people like me.

Trying this (1.002) on a RPi3 + HfB Dac Pro (modded with +5v); it really doesn’t cater for hardwired ethernet, does it. On the startup wizard, the hardwired option was ignored and there was no way to get to it. Only when the wifi was configured so that it didn’t explode did it reveal that yes, the hardwired ethernet was there and working…

The workflow to get this running is obscure. OK, I’ve got the RPi running MV, I’ve configured the NAS so that the music should be available, why isn’t it there? Ah, I have to login to the MV service from within Volumio.

So I have done that, and the NAS is being scanned for music, but the warning hasn’t gone away;
“Please Perform The Following Actions…”

At least it works as per Volumio does.

Something useful would be the ability to use Volumio as the streaming source of music to my Android controller/phone; there’s no equivalent to the iTunes/iThing relationship on Android, and this could be it…

Chris M

Thank you for the great work and integration of Qobuz - this is fantastic!
Volumio and the Qobuz integration work very fast and that’s wonderful. It works at least as well as LMS and PiCorePlayer, even better. Forallem FFW :wink:
The use of Volumio and Qobuz is very good and uncomplicated.
The sound quality is fantastic! (can it sound better than LMS and PiCorePlayer? - it seems to me that way)

This is outdated …! - See “Edit”
When I listen to a Life album, I find that there is no Gappless playback. This is not just with Qobuz, even though I hear my own flacs. Adjustments to buffers etc. have not improved.
It would be nice if Volumio plays gappless.

In Qobuz I noticed that the number of albums or artist, new (selected by the media), etc. are limited. can you expand that? (when I’m on vacation and coming home, for example, I do not see all new albums …)
It may affect the speed. It would be good if you could adapt it. Thus one has the possibility.

Basically, I am thrilled and I would like to thank you for the great work!

I have found that the Gappless playback via Wifi causes problems.
Although the reception should be very good, the Wifi Repeater is about 4m away.
If the device is connected via Ethernet, this seems to work properly.


We designed MyVolumio to have a really negligible impact on overall performances, both if you use it and especially if you don’t.
The impact of having MyVolumio vs not having is about 30MB more RAM used, and no CPU difference whatsoever.
So, don’t worry, it won’t impact your experience.

We are not considering “tandem” releases: the effort will be too big to manage. We rather decided to concentrate to offer the less impact possibile of MyVolumio.

I don’t know how the next MPD version will handle this, nor when it will be released. But this will not impact in any way plugins or MyVolumio.
Regarding proxies or intermediaries, it’s worth noting that with MyVolumio we don’t use ANY proxy or third party service to “bridge” or “proxy” connections to streaming services: in fact your device will communicate directly with QOBUZ and TIDAL services.

Thank you Dom for your great feedback!
To reply to your questions:

  • Yes, the remote streaming capability (at least as I imagine it now) would be some sort of “personal hi res streaming services”, which allows you to listen to YOUR files wherever you are (yes, also from a mobile phone via 3G connection). Please note that this functionality will require at least 6 months to even see daylight, for all the legal and technical implications involved.

  • Yes, one of the biggest plus we want to offer is to expand metadata availability and allow to discover your collection in a new, and exciting way. Imagine it to be like some sort of tailored suggestions, that you read like you would a newspaper.
    We are already establishing some key partnership with brilliant people to make this happen

I put this on my Rpi3+digi+because I thought the remote streaming was already working. Remote streaming my library that is on my NAS is the only reason why I haven’t signed up for Roon yet. If ya’ll beat them to the punch I will definitely be using volumio. In the meantime I will be beta’ing the Super version and reporting any issues.

Any sound quality comparison between Qobuz plugin VS upnp? Or any reason why the sound quality should differ?

Using QOBUZ via MyVolumio will ensure optimal SQ compared with UPNP:

  • MyVolumio has selectable sound quality (not sure about UPNP), and plays in native quality
  • UPNP might decide to resample to ensure maximum compatibility, volumio does not

Hi Michelangelo, I am not 100% confident about the limits of upmpdcli you are mentioning, while for sure upnp cannot unfold MQA, that could be the competitive advantage of myVolumio. Are you planning to implement this feature?

Our TIDAL implementation is capable of streaming MQA to compatible USB DACs :wink:

Will the Tidal implementation on myVolumio perform the “first mqa unfolding” (mqa partial decoding at software level) like Tidal windows pc app?
To deep-dive: … -explained

No, only hardware decoding.
We did not\ will not implement any MQA software decoding


I installed this last night and have come across 1 issue and 1 question:-

I am running my Pi with the 7" touchscreen and was running Volumio on it happily for 6 months. I installed MyVolumio last night and although i can connect to it and playback via the Android app on my phone i cannot use the touchscreen as when it boots into the UI i get the spinning wait icon in the centre of the screen as if its thinking but never stops.

I’ve checked all the usual suspects:- Touchscreen add-on, adding 180 degree rotate in the config, turning off wifi and running purely on ethernet, turning off the web artwork.

All to no avail. Does anyone have any ideas? i never had this with Volumio.


The other thing is a question:-

One of the things i was hoping with installing this was being able to stream 96 to 192Khz files from Qobuz.

I have your Myolumio installed and outputting via USB to a Rega DAC-R that supports up to 192khz.

I was not aware until i came to register for the free Qobuz month that it is only there ‘Sublime’ level that supports this quality.

Before i go ahead and register for this service, can i confirm you have tested this level of Hi-res files streaming through MyVolumio?



“Remote playback of Music stored on your Volumio device”:
Please put this on the top of the list. Absolutely would love this feature!