MyVolumio Feedbacks

@ eggwin

We have fixed the UI plugin issue in the new release.
Also, yes, you can stream 24/192 natively with Qobuz on MyVolumio. Tested personally:

Bear in mind that you’ll need a very fast internet connection to be able to play 24/192 flac files

I am starting to feel it as the coolest thing we can do as well! We’re working on that, but it’s quite an undertaking and it will require some time.
But our efforts are on it

Many thanks. When will this new release be available?

Testing it now, if everything goes well we’re talking about hours

Yes, I can confirm that playing music from Qobuz 192/24 works very well. With no interruptions and everything is perfect!

I miss the genre selection in Qobuz. Is this deliberate or is it coming soon?

Hi guys,

just thought that I participate on some feedback on MyVolumio.

Generaly I love the idea to have all devices sync in proper manner and I don’t see a problem with paying something on the top of it to get additional functions, extensions and/ or music providers seamlessly working around my setups.

That said I’m not sure if you can justify the 6,xx/mo fee for that may be a consideration to package the costs with Volumio devices like Boss Player, etc (not the parts but complete), the user would gain Super-B players and let’s say 12mo subscription - just an example.

I worked 5yrs for ISP in product development and those things where on my desk on daily basis so if you need a hand with the numbers give me a shout.


More features leads to more bugs and vulnerabilities. Are you going to publish a tweak how to manually remove MV cloud capabilities from Volumio?
I would appreciate it.

MyVolumio has been designed in a way that if it not enabled (aka you’re not logged in) it won’t be active at all.
So removing it completely won’t make any difference at all, if you don’t use it.

Just re-loaded with the latest (008) MyVolumio and I still have this odd message in the My Music settings (see the attachment, Capture1).

“Please Perform The Following Actions To Enable Streaming Services
To use this function you must have MyVolumio enabled on this device”

Now, this is on a running MyVolumio on this RPi3+, I’ve logged in to the RPi3+ instance, I’ve logged into and enabled the RPi3+, and I can see no other way of ‘enabling’ MyVolumio. What have I missed out?

Chris M

More to this; re-reading all of @Michelangelo’s words, I should find a ‘Play’ button on the page next to the active device(s), but I don’t. There’s the device name plus a toggle (‘Enable’), and nowt else.

So, here’s a heresy; what need do I have for MyVolumio? Bear in mind I ask this from a viewpoint of ‘early-but-cautious-adopter’ (40+ years in IT have worn away much…). Volumio is the player of choice in the house, I don’t listen when driving/riding because distracted drivers crash in the same sort of way/frequency as drunk drivers (in the UK), and anyway, a 928 is not a good listening room.

So what am I not understanding?

Wait, let’s tackle important things first: do you drive a 928, that 928 ?
This car has been on my radar since I was a kid: it’s simply unmatched in style (although it might not drive as a 911) but, boy, I personally think it’s a piece of art… Huge respect for your drive, sir.

Then, back to mortal matters:

  • You will see Qobuz and the play button only with Virtuoso and Superstar account. Are you with such accounts?

Why MyVolumio?

  • Autosync of playlists, favourites, webradios etc
  • Qobuz and the other famous streaming service (coming soon)
  • Other cool features are on the way

Yep, an '89 S4; taken me about 10 years to bring it from just drivable to reliable. As for 911s, they’re slightly quicker off the mark but can’t get round a 928 in the corners (too fast/wide).

Nope, I’m on the free one, just to look and work out what’s happening. Went back and re-read your words again, and yes, I missed that account-based distinction, aged fool that I am.

I’m not that enthusiastic for streaming services, as I’m no longer in charge of my ‘stuff’. The way that Google’s Nest subsidiary shut down Revolv as soon as they had sucked the life out of it… I’ll keep watching,


Chris M

What would be a killer feature for you?


Got my subscription today (totally missed the voucher but what the heck :smiley: ), I have added my music collection again. And so far everything is okey, but one small problem. I can’t find Qobus in dashboard. Btw how far is Tidal?

I think this will be a great way to further enhance the experience with Volumio. Thank you for your time and work on this :slight_smile:

Cheers Carl

MPD compatible playlists and clients.

Hi Carl, thanks for joining!
You can find qobuz in MyMusic.
TIDAL is… tomorrow :wink:

You already have that in normal Volumio, since it’s mpd based… Or did I miss something from your question?

New version released with ton of fixes and… TIDAL!!!

I’ve just did a fresh install using todays update on my Pi 3b+:

  • Error loading script - Message still appears after finishing the first installation-step (selecting language -> German). After clicking “ok” everything went fine though.
  • When clicking on “volumio” (upper left on main screen) nothing happens. Clicking on “volumio” with “standard”-volumio-image brings me back to the main playback-screen.

I’d be nice if those bugs get fixed :slight_smile: