MyVolumio Feedbacks

Guys, we’re eager to know what you think about it: whether it’s good or bad!

I’ve downloaded the image, but obviously can’t test till I get home (and have physical access to my SD card) :wink:

Just one question, the builds are now out-of-sync, how far behind (or ahead) is the myVolumio image compared to 2.413?

Love the idea and I can image some streaming providers might want some extra assurances because of DRM protected material. So props for you guys!
Are we going to harden security as a whole now too? E.g. the wpa_supplicant hash fix seems pretty easy and you’ve asked for a PR, so I might be able to help at some point, if I’m not beaten to it by someone else. :unamused:

I’ll post back later on

Update: one last question, what news is there on multiroom and Spotify (new auth)? Will those changes be pushed only to the new images?

Thank you for the feedback Sayato!

I’ve added your question about difference in releases to our FAQs:
MyVolumio is just an add-on of Volumio, so it’s currently built on top of 2.413. So every new build of MyVolumio will be based on the last release
available. Please note however that they will receive different updates from OTA updater.

About security: yes, we have some security enhancements in mind for the next months, and if you have PR ready about WPA supplicant hashes, that’s more than welcome!

About multiroom and spotify: those are surely things that we can integrate into MyVolumio, and this is exactly the kind of feedbacks we’re looking for to orient our development and future features addition!

Classic volumio version will be normally updated or will be dismissed?
Thanks Mike…

They will be regularly updated, and when MyVolumio will achieve stable operations it will be integrated into classic Volumio releases for all supported platforms

Added to FAQs

Great… thnx!!! :wink:

This is good news, I have no need for any extra features so the classic Volumio as it is is more than enough for me and I’d hate to have to move to another platform.

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I hope there will always be a version without myvolumnio additions even installed. While agree with the analysis of rise of cloud, there’s equally a push for more privacy and self-hosting.

Just installed.

A MASSSIVE “ahhhh, nice” from me with the Qobuz integration.

That alone is it for me.

Perhaps there’ll be improvements to the Qobuz navigation? The usual “most recent”, “genres”, etc. is missing (or I haven’t seen it yet?).

If you might also introduce some kind of “discovery” capability (similar to Roon Labs) then you’ve got it nailed for me (with the way I’m all configured at the moment).



Pi (Volumio) -> USB -> Audio-GD NOS11 -> Audio-GD Master-3 -> Linn Majik 109s

To be honest, the free version is useless unless I am missing something.

The voucher code requires me to use my paypal or credit card is not good.

In the MyVolumio page, you should add a hyperlink to access your Volumio device.

@bigbear Have a read of this blog post if you haven’t done so already.

There is indeed a link (green arrow) to access devices from

Mine only has the trash can may be because mine is a free account.

A concern of mine is adding bloat to the basic Volumio I love and slowing it down, should I be concerned by this?
Could there not be a tandem release? I.e a basic Volumio and one with MyVolumio features added?

Great,many thanks, so Easy to install,so easy to use ,good job .it’s a pleasure to give you some money in ordre to have such performance and of course Qobuz.Volumio and Qobuz a must to have.

Qobuz and Tidal plugins are scheduled for one of the coming MPD releases (0.21?).
MyVolumio will have its own connection to these services.
Does this impact the integration of the plugins for Volumio?
I am personally not looking forward to using proxies or intermediaries to cloud services, and would prefer direct connection to the services.

In Qobuz,why a limit to 50 in « purchase ».I baught many cd (more than 50) in order to have the 24/96 version . it si possible to have the possibility to filter the genre of music. Thank you very Mach for the work done.

Hi, i’m using Bubbleupnp with the new Myvolumio image on a rasp pi 3 streaming Tidal. I just found a bug.

When playing music, if a I add new tracks in the queue it stops playback.

I love the new interface but since I live in Canada, I can’t use Qobuz. I’ll be waiting for Tidal integration…

Thanks Michelangelo for the release and free trial code, I jumped right in and thought I’d share some (very early) views on your project from my own perspective and my use point.

I’ve never used Qubuz but went ahead with free trial. Couple observations here:

  • lack of gapless playback - just tried listening to Gilmour at Pompei and the gaps between tracks have been quite annoying, can be a big deal for Floyd (or classical music) fans - I’m not sure if that’s anything to do with your implementation or with Qubuz themselves.
  • the interface seem to freeze when trying to return from individual albums to search results.

Other than that it seems to work quite nicely and integrate with Volumio GUI.

A couple personal thoughts on your future development plans (I realise this is all depending on different use cases people have so apologies in advance for dismissing certain features straightaway, they’re simply no use to me - which doesn’t mean they can’t be very useful to others).

  • Single login for, Volumio Shop, Volumio forum and MyVolumio. So you don’t need a huge brain just to login on our community.
    I couldn’t care less.

  • Release of TIDAL integration
    That one’s a biggie, it’s what people have been waiting for all around I guess. I assume Tidal will be implemented in a similar manner to Qubuz?

  • Release of a state of the Art CD Ripper and Player
    What’s a CD again?

  • Release of a stable and reliable Bluetooth integration
    Why would I use lossy bluetooth when you have airplay which can stream cd quality. Don’t waste your time and concentrate on something that can be useful :slight_smile:

  • Expansion of the plugin infrastructure, with the ability to rate, review and recommend plugins. Plus a new set of tools for plugin developers.
    That could potentially be great to see community developed plugins, but so far I’ve had no use for any of the available Volumio plugins.

  • Remote playback of Music stored on your Volumio device
    Very big for those who don’t use streaming services - does this mean I can stream from my raspberry pi at home to my mobile phone anywhere using 3G?

  • Auto backup of settings, albumarts and user data
    OK but that’s not cool at all :slight_smile:

  • Advanced metadata discovery and music browsing
    Now, this is possibly the biggest thing for me. If myvolumio could use better metadata than Tidal - which frequently is incorrect or missing (at least for the music I listen to) and implement this metadata in a manner similar to Roon, I’m all in ! Would actually be great to finally see some competition to Roon which I know is considered overpriced by some. Be careful with pricing though - the EUR6.99/mo plan gets very close to Roon’s USD119/year which - no offence - currently offers so much more and not only from metadata perspective.


It’s not happening anymore. The bug was in my head…