Music Library Album Art mostly missing

HI can someone suggest what I should do to address the following issue.

The main music library screen populates with artists correctly but only about 6 of about 300 artists have album art displayed. The other 294 artists have the default image.

Note once I drill down on an artist, the album /albums artwork for the selected artist appear correctly and operate correctly.
The artwork is displayed correctly everywhere else in volumio.

Is there an album art cache reset and re scan that I can do to refresh the music library cache?

This is a volumio issue as foorbar2000 scans the same NAS based music database abd correctly displays all album art.

Thanks in advance

give it some time it will fill up…

It’s been running for over 1 week now, so should be adequate yes ?

yess that should be enough time…
post your logs and say what version your using maybe we could find out what’s going on.
it could be that special characters in your song list will be a problem.
and keep one folder with other folders in it

Library management in Volumio really has some issues/shortcomings.

If I browse to the artist via “Music Library → NAS” I miss 1 Artist.
Doing the same via “Artist” I miss 13 Artists.
I found limitations on image size > 700kb it won’t show.
Every folder now has an artist image named as and still some won’t show.

OK guys these are different issues to mine.
e.g In Library view I see 100% of my artists correctly organised and I see maybe 1% of associated artwork.(my artwork) (This bothers me)

In artist view I see 100% of my artists with about 99% displaying artwork Web artwork not mine.(This does not bother me so much)

Thanks for your inputs.
Look forward to more ideas