LCD advice please my Volumio friends

Hi guys,
I’m wondering if any one knows or can reccomend a cheap fairly decent sized LCD screen? My experience so far isnt brilliant, I bought a cheap 3.5" and couldn’t get it to work fully.
I would like ideally something like a 7" touchscteen lcd.
I know there is the official Pi one that seems like you can just fit, enable plugin and switch on, but this seems over priced and there must be a much cheaper alternative. There is the compatibility issue. I’m very new to this and dont really want to go through endless coding. Something that will work with the volumio plugin without me becoming a raspbian expert.
Cheap, compatible lcd anyone?
Thanks. … ch-screen/

works fine with RPi4 too

What will be the advantage of this lcd over the officila rp display?
I am asking because i will also want to buy an lcd display.

it’s smaller (5 inches vs 7 inches) and cheaper (I got it on Amazon for 50 Eur).

Like official one, no driver or configuration is needed, just connect flat cable and power on

Hi Darmur,

Thank you very much for that (hopefully) helpful advise.

I tried a lot to get some kinds of smaller displays 3,5"; 4"; 5" working and struggled with all of - as allothers did before - as far as i can read here on the forum. (Linux gods excepted - but not found here :wink:

Display SPI or HDMI no issues - but the touchy thing never worked for me.

I own a few of the original 7" DSI displays and they work like a charm.

So i hope to get the osoyoo 5" DSI running with smooth touch - and just afforded one of them on Amazon, where i usually avoid to buy things - but i didn’t find another reseller.

This may help me to get my DIY project to the point i will like it :slight_smile:

It’s everything ok with the sound - but the touchy thing is still striking me.
I got it working to some point, where i’m now able to - at least sometimes get things done by touch - but mostly strange things happen :frowning:

Again, thank you for that tipp - maybe DSI is the one soulution.

I did quite a lot of effort to build a good thingy - just the 5" touchy thing is still tricking me.

(Pi3, Mamboberry LS+DAC, Allo Relay Volume control … and Allo Kali will be added)
(High quality transformer, Nichicon electrolytics, shottky diodes, low noise linear, silver cables…)

Will get the OSOYOO DSI display next week and report if that helped :smiley: - could be i also have to buy a suitable flat cable before - in case this is not included.

Best Regards

…oh - and i forgot to tell
I got some of the “original” 7" DSI displays as used parts for less than 50€ - but they don’t fit in a small sexy case - and that’s why i’m still looking for smaller “touchies”.
Usually Volumio is made to be controlled by any browser on another device - yes i know - but in case i’m not happy to search for my mobile phone or boot up a computer it is still usefull to have a “direct control” i think :wink:

I bought this case including the 5" HDMI display with USB touch and some other parts at ebay for a very fair price and only had to do some modifications for fitting my parts.
Unfortunately i do not have CNC tools to do such a pretty hole for the display without spending hours with a rasp…

Thanks to the guy who started this project :slight_smile:

And certainly thanks to the Volumio team for making this possible at all.
It’s running version 2.773 at the moment with lots of working plugins installed to make this possible.

From where have you boight the case!?

I also spent quite some money for all kind of touchscreen both SPI-based and with HDMI.

All of them had resistive touch panel, it can work with the plastic stylus they provide, but not with fingers.

This OSOYOO 5" has capacitive touchscreen, it’s great! works fine with fingers and finally I could get a decent response controlling Volumio directly ion the screen.

I’m waiting also for another DSI screen from Waveshare, it’s DSI (no driver required) and with capacitive touch panel

It’s slightly smaller and cheaper that OSOYOO one, I’ll post my impressions as soon as I will receive the parcel from China

Have you ordered from their site?
I am a litle bit confusing, this conects to rpi4 only through dsi connector? I see on amazon a model 4.3 inch, connects with dsi and hdmi interface…

I ordered from Aliexpress ->

The link I sent before is the DSI model, if you look the pictures there is no HDMI port. Touch panel in this model is capacitive.

The 4.3inch HDMi is an older model, with capacitive touch panel connected via USB ->

I have found this screen on weveshare store on ali express more wih 10 dollars, then your link…
I never buy it from ali express. So it is safe to buy from other then waveshare store or to buy directly from their site?
Nevertheless there is a frame for this lcd or i need it to put in a box?
Thanks in advance.

I buy quite often from Aliexpress, I’ll post my feedback when I will receive the parcel

Hello Josh,
What does the power button on front panel? Is a momentary switch with led?

I think yes, I use quite often similar ones. They are ON/OFF latching switches with LED ring

Great :slight_smile:, how do you manage it to shutdown from the button? For wake ing up it is working.
Also i have observed that i needed to disable the bluetooth in order to make the led working (I connected a separate status led on pin 6 and 8 ) :frowning: because the volumio wont boot…

You can connect a push-button to any free GPIO and load GPIO-buttons plugin, selecting Shutdown action on that GPIO.

So now I have a wake up button on pin 5 and 6, you say that I can configure same pins from gpio plugin to also shutdown from same button or do I need to have separate button?
I am planning to build a streamer with lcd…
It will be OK to have one 50w switching power supply or 2 at 25?
Thanks in advance.

What do you think about this lcd panel for the diy streamer : … -lcd-h.htm

Hello Darmur,
For This 4.3 lcd panel I need to use gpio pins for touch or is directly from dsi? I am a little bit confused…
2. I heard that osoyoo take display from keydey then from waveshare… :frowning: due to this I am afraid to buy an osoyoo…

If Display is DSI no need for additional GPIOs for touch.

OSOYOO 5" is a great product, I don’t get your worries