LCD advice please my Volumio friends

I need to decide to build a streamer with 4.3 waveshare or 5 inch osoyoo…
What do you think? I can not decide :frowning:

It depends if you prefer a slightly bigger screen or if you prefer to save some money.

I see that osoyoo is tft and waveshare is ips,
It will matter on this size? What is the most performant in terms of quality, resolution etc… View the artist image etc.
Thanks in advance

Hi sir am from India. volumio raspberry pi 3 b is work waveshare DSI 4.3 inch tuch screen directly? pls rply


this type 4.3 inch tuch disply waveshare DSI work volumio Raspberry directly? need eny driver?

You just need to install the Touch Display plugin, no driver required.

Be aware that there is possibly a problem switching off the backlight when the display is rotated by 90 or 270 deg. as reported by @buma

and confirmed by @michel8166

Waveshare suggested a hardware modification to solve the issue:

I don’t know if this works and if Waveshare has done this themselves on the current PCB layout.

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i think 4.3 inch Wave share HDMI tuch display work perfectly? is it ?

Will it work perfectly? I can’t comment on that display as I don’t own one, but the following can be noted:

In contrast to the DSI display you will have to SSH into Volumio and modify the file “/boot/userconfig.txt”.

Also the HDMI display does not support adjusting the display brightness by software (but it seems to provide an OSD menu to set brightness).

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I have the waveshare 4.3" display for the little Volumio system I gave to my parents, it works fine

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sir 4.3 inch DSI or HDMI?

the DSI display

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Darmur sir plz upload a photo?

ok sir . which display i purchase now? DSI or HDMi am very confused now . this is my volumio player set up Apex b 250 and apex b500

I can’t take pictures, the setup with the waveshare 4.3" display is at my parents’ place

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ok i decid buy a DSI tuch display wave share 4.3 inch . its perfetly ok? just chaing songs, up and down volium , and views detials only . (work in tuch control also, or i buy HDMi which is best? im a biginar sir so i ask more times soory)

Don’t worry, the DSI version works very well, including touchscreen

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If you are still looking for pictures of the display, forum search helps :wink::

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gvolt Thankyou sir

Thankyou sir

Thakyou sir