How to get Volumio UI on start up.

Hello everyone,
I have 2 Raspi 3 B+'s, one with a HiFiberry DAC + pro for the Volumio player, and the other Pi for the UI display, and I couldn’t be happier. However, for my project, i would like to combine the two into one case along with a display, just not sure what size display yet.

Now my question is this, can anyone tell me how to get the Raspi that runs the Volumio UI to automatically display on start-up so I don’t have to select the Volumio shortcut that has the IP address? That would be a nice feature to have the Volumio UI right there when I turn it on.

Any and all suggestions would be helpful and appreciated :slight_smile:


Why are you using two RPI’s, when you can achieve the same on one?

As far as I know, you cant get the UI on the Volumio player, you have to use an external device like your phone, tablet, raspberry pi etc,

if you use a rpi + a local display ( touchscreen) plus the plugin ‘touch display’ you’ll get a standalone player.

Oh I see, you’re talking about using that display port. I didn’t consider that option because it just seemed as though a lot of people have had trouble setting that up. However, I think I’ll give that a try now and see what happens.

By the way, after many hours of digging around, I finally did figure out how to get the RPI to display the UI at full screen on boot-up, its actually pretty cool. Although I cant take full credit for that because I found the solution on-line that was actually for something different.

I should also mention that I really appreciate the on-line knowledge base regarding Volumio and the RPI, there are certainly a lot of people out there that are way smarter than I am, and that are more than happy to share what they learn with the community, and I thank you “all” for that :slight_smile:

Enjoy the music people, and have fun with your projects :slight_smile:

Display port?

I use the HDMI out of the RPi to drive a Waveshare 7" screen. This aslo requires a USB connection for power and touch interface.

My case is just 2 x 12 x 8" deep, so a 7" display is obviously too big for my case, and I cant find a 3.5" display that doesn’t have to connect to the GPIO pins either. So I’m just going to scrap the whole idea of having a display on this player, and just continue using my Tablet for the UI.

Thanks for the suggestions though :slight_smile:

I have a PI3 with RaspPi 7inch display (version 2 I think, as has variable brightness support), works fine with the LCD touchscreen plugin. Device used to be a Kodi standalone audio/video player, but now switched to Volumio as only used it for audio.

I have a SmartPi touch 2 with a Raspberry Pi 4 installed on it and a 7" display
I installed Volumio on a SD card installed on the Pi 4. I connected the Pi 4 to the router and went over to the router page and went to the IP address. I got Volumio up in he browser. I just can’t get the gorgeous player on to SmartPi touch 7" display.So do i just go to the plugins on Volumio and install Touch Display active

Download display plugin from plugins on your left
and enable it

I got that part done but I also installed the IR remote control plug and also selected on the the recommended remotes that it shows in settings. I have two Apple remote a A1156 and a A1294 once i install the plug and then try the apple remote as it show in the setting, the remote wouldn’t work. I tried both the A1165 and the A1294

Could you please share your solution how to get the Volumio UI up in fullscreen after startup?


I cant remember off-hand but as soon as I figure it out, I’ll get back to you on that.

I cant believe I remembered the link where I got the “how to” info. However, and to be perfectly honest, I don’t know how to code this stuff so I cant take any credit for this but I do appreciate those who can and who share it with the community.

I’m not currently using this because I seem to recall needing the SD Card for something else but I believe that "Answer #2 was the correct one to use, and I also seem to recall that I had to play with it a little to make it work. I don’t have an extra SD Card atm to test it out for you but if you run into any problems, let me know, and I’ll get one and help you figure it out. It wasn’t really that hard to do because if I was able to figure it out, anyone can. :slight_smile:

why don’t you simply install touch_display plugin ? :thinking:

even if you have two raspberries, you only have to install the touch plugin, then select the device you want to see via the touchscreen under outputs playback zones.

For this feature you need to have superstar subscription?

No, the base is enough

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Ok, i had that same problem. What i did is connect the ethernet cable from the raspberry Pi to the router and go to my router page login and look at the devices and then type in the IP address in search bar and it takes u to the Volumio page. Look for the plugin section and locate the plugin to install the Volumio display on your player it. It would say touchscreen install and u have it