[Guide] List of I2S DACs for Raspberry Pi

A new HiFi DAC+ with external power supply :smiley: …and special design!! :astonished:

Compatible with A+/B+ and the new Pi2…


I’m pleased to announce the new I2S Digital AMP for use with the RaspberryPi - The IQaudIO Pi-DigiAMP+

The Pi-DigiAMP+ builds upon our awesome Pi-DAC+ and Pi-AMP+ products, and using the latest TI devices delivers the first Full-HD audio capable solution for the Raspberry Pi to HAT specification (EEPROM). All at a great cost saving over the previous separate Pi-DAC+ and Pi-AMP+ solution.


Full-HD 192/24b with 2x20w with 15v DC supply

Uses standard IQaudIO Pi-DAC drivers and GPIO22 mute.

Available now on tindie.com and via our international distributors.

Just add speakers!

The Pi-DigiAMP+ can be seen in the attached pictures within a HiFi project case using external power supply and rotary encoder for volume. This was demo’d at this month’s CamJam driving our favourite QAcoustics 2010i speakers.

The Pi-DigiAMP+ is not only suitable as a complete streaming HiFi solution but for in ceiling / behind wall speaker installations, retro radio rebuilds, in-car, boombox builds, kiosk etc.


At the same time we have re-released the IQaudIO Pi-DAC+, still with the brilliant audio and build quality, but now with IR sensor and rotary encoder headers. The IR sensor header is designed to take a standard Vishay tsop IR sensor.


Please email info@iqaudio.com for more information

Very best regards,

Founder IQaudIO Limited

DAC for Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

  1. dacBerry3+ ES9023 50MHz 192K 24Bit I2S DAC - Raspberry Pi 2 BCM2836 Volumio 1.55

tekdevice.com/chapter2/index.php … uct_id=116

  1. dacBerry2+ PCM5102A 384K 32Bit I2S DAC For Raspberry Pi 2 BCM2836 Volumio 1.55

tekdevice.com/chapter2/index.php … uct_id=115

audiophonics-i-sabre-dac-es9023-v2-tcxo-raspberry-pi-20-a-b-i2s.jpgHow about this one? Personally this layout really makes sense, locating the phono/RCA outputs on the same side as the USB/ethernet as it lends itself to fitting in a standard shaped case. You could actually insert it in a nice aluminium enclosure and have some matching alumnium faceplates made. Why aren’t more of the boards like this?

audiophonics.fr/en/kits-modu … 10176.html

It would be nice to have GPIO passthrough though, the only negative of this board.

Something like this ? :

Found on their Google +

IMAG0773.jpgI think, we should not forget to mention Durio Sound, a DAC created by Torsten Jaekel (http://www.tjaekel.com/T-DAC/raspi_rca_plus.html) which is distributed by Gravitech (http://www.gravitech.us/dusoulsoqufo.html).

I am having the Durio Sound Pro with external power supply and the sound I am getting out there is amazingly good!!!

Hi all,
Here is one DAC for someone who can solder SMD parts
Using PCM5122 DAC,I’ve just share the Board on OSHPark (6.95USD for 3 PCB)

Have Fun :smiley:

HoHO :


i’ll give it a try … (i must admit to not be very fond of PCM5122)

Better price here m.gearbest.com/raspberry-pi/pp_229446.html

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This is interesting… do you mind sharing the final schematic you ended up using? I saw some application circuits on the PCM5122 datasheet but wasnt sure which one you used?

Sorry that I forgot to link to Github page
github.com/will127534/Raspberry … -DAC-Board
Here you are :slight_smile:

Hi all,

introducing PlainDAC, PlainDAC+ and PlainDSP.
High Quality I2S DAC’s starting from 9,90 Euro.

Visit https://polyvection.com/ for more details.
Some further details can also be found here https://volumio.org/forum/plaindac-plaindsp-universal-i2s-dac-from-under-t3431.html

Best wishes,

New one based on PCM5102 :


@ iron,

Hey hello. I’ve been reading a lot in this post. up and down, up and down. Initially to try to make a good choice DAC wise, but soon came to the conclusion that my first choice would need to be which chip. I tried to open a discussion on this bt so far no go, as you comment to be a serious listener, I thought you could might give some idea’s on the benefits of the major chips. notice you likeing and disliking some here but without any mentioned foundation. personally i kinda feel like i’d be more happy with a sabre es9023 vs the pcm5122 but i really have no basis for this decision. As the two most appealing (to me, just by reading, and one would need to listen) DAC’s both use the pcm5122 (hifiberry dac+ pro and iqaudio pi-dac+) while the dac+ light uses the sabre… so am i wrong as this seems to me an opposite choice. But then again everybody loves the dr dre headphones which i hate. sound is personal isn’t it. So to be clear, i’m not asking you to detemine which to buy, there is no way you could, but just some sharing of personal experience and why…


Matthieu (newby)

Is there a list of I2S DACs that do/don’t have hardware volume control?

I’m not aware of a list but the reason we developed the IQaudio DAC+ using the PCM5122 was due to this very point.

PCM5122 does have built in hardware volume control
PCM5102 does NOT have volume control


I just bought this one on ebay, $ 20 USD, shipping included… arrived in like 2 weeks…


when this link doesn’t work anymore, just search for “HIFI DAC I2S Raspberry pi” :slight_smile:


A new one with power management :


What does this change besides power management?

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Seems to have been made to ensure an easier setup on “Raspdac” product :


And some improvement (including ATX like power management) listed on the product page :

Montage simplifié (aucune soudure nécessaire).
Gestion de l'alimentation intégrée
Connecteur dédié à un raccordement d'écran (HD44780)
Connecteur dédié à bouton poussoir (monostable)
Entrée Jack DC sur le PCB
Régulation faible bruit avec dissipateur
Optimisation de l'intégration du convertisseur et du circuit

Not yet get my hand on it …