[Guide] List of I2S DACs for Raspberry Pi

A new one for B (24.9 €) :

Audiophonics DAC Sabre ES9023PI Raspberry Pi GPIO P5


You’re gonna find me monomaniac but i’m living near their shop :blush:

Our USD $49 — Free shipping

dacBerry3 ES9023 50MHz 192K 24Bit I2S DAC Module For Raspberry Pi - P5 header

tekdevice.com/chapter2/index.php … uct_id=111

New I2S DAC for RPi B+

dacBerry3+ ES9023 50MHz 192K 24Bit I2S DAC Module For Raspberry Pi B+

tekdevice.com/chapter2/index.php … uct_id=116

Another one AK4399 based (i love the sound of this chip) :


Not tested yet …

A new ES9023 192KHZ/24BIT DAC designed for the Raspberry Pi model B from HIFImeDIY.


It doesn’t look like it attaches directly to the Pi board like the HifiBerry and the Pi-DAC, but it’s cheap @ €15

I didn’t see the RPi-DAC in the list.
Torsten that designed this is a really cool guy, check out his stuff!

You can add it if you like. :smiley: The general format is a link (which you’ve provided), a photo and a price.

A big new one …


Diying to try i love Sabre DAC …

No embedded clock on this DAC. The AK4399 needs a MCKL signal which is not provided by the PI.
I bought an USB to I2S interface with MCLK to make this DAC working.
Sounds very nice.

$_57.JPGHere’s another I2S DAC which works perfectly with the Raspberry B+

Sellarz Electronics from Korea produces this: DAC-24192-ABR, I2S Input DAC Ultra Low Noise Regulation, Low Phase Noise Clock

Ebay: Shop: http://www.ebay.com/usr/sellarzaudiotechnology?_trksid=p2047675.l2559
and DAC: http://www.ebay.com/itm/331262327691?_trksid=p2060778.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

I connected this DAC (intended to be mounted on top of RPi B or Beaglebone black) to the RPi B+ with the included jumper wires.

Works straightaway with Volumio 1.4 and later with 1.5 (after patch).

Excellent ES9023 sound due to good PSU and stable clock. EnjoY
Here are the Specs:

● ES9023 DAC Chip ● 0.1% Low Noise Thin Film Resistors at Signal Pass and Regulator Circuit ● Low ESR Tantalum Capacitor ● WIMA FKP2 Capacitor for Output Filter ● High Quality SMD Film Capacitor ● Ultra Low Noise Regulator Circuit - Noise: 8nV√Hz @1KHz - PSRR : 106dB ● High Precision & Low Noise Phase Noise Clock - Frequency : 49.152MHz - Frequency Stability : ±0.5ppm@ 25℃ - Phase Noise : 0.1793 ps RMS ● Gold Plated PCB ● Size: 85 x 54.5(W x D:mm) ● Jumper Wires(OFC, Teflon insulation) and Spacers/Bolts included ● I2S Input(DATA, LRCK, BCK, GND) ● Dynamic Range : 112dB ● Output Level : 2.0V RMS ● THD + NOISE : 0.002% ● Resolution/Sampling Rate : Up to 24bit/192KHz ● DC Offset : <4mV ● Supply : 5Vdc Input from Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone Black

You can also add the Musica Pristina Transducer:


Although, I am still working out a driver issue in that there is a persistent click when you press stop. Anyone know how to fix that?

A new B + one based on ES9023 :


I’ll try it asap, i’ve some volumio boxes to do for christmas :wink:

What about Twsted Pear Audio Buffalo III?
I found this thread: diyaudio.com/forums/twisted- … cance.html , where Michelangelo made its appearance and solved the software problems.
So Buffalo IIIsa DAC is OK when connected via I2s to Raspberry PI or BeagleBone Black, isn’t it?

Hi Iron,

did you try this new DAC, do you have any experiences with it?

I wonder if anyone else tried the dark Sellarz ES2023 board with onboard mclock. Someone posted it as working with Volumio 1.5 (after patching). I wonder what patch is needed to make it work? Would like to hear confirmation on it working with Volumio (and how), because I’m considering buying this DAC but I want to be sure it works with Volumio.

Possible to get DSD-sound on Raspberri Pi from these boards on i2s without USB ?
If so , how ?

diyinhk.com/shop/audio-kits/ … input.html

diyinhk.com/shop/audio-kits/ … 18k2m.html

…Or 32/192 - it’s max available resolution ?

New I2S DAC for Raspberry Pi A+ and B+ models:

Mikroelektronika RaspyPlay4

It’s based on PCM5122 DAC, work out-of-the box with Volumio.
Digital connection: I2S Input
Dynamic Range: 112dB
Full Scale Output 2.1VRMS
Resolution: Up to 32bit
Sampling Rate: Up to 384kHz (on Raspberry Pi 192kHz)
Analog Supply for DAC: Ultra-low-noise voltage regulator with High PSSR
Power Supply: 5Vdc from Raspberry Pi

Hi all,
can’t find the list, but i can report Volumio recognizes the Chord Hugo dac. Works flawlessly!
cheers, Douwe

As far as i have seen theres no P5 Header on the new raspberry 2, is that right?
So connecting to a board like the diyinhk one without using any gpio pins is not possible anymore?
I need as many gpio pins as possible for relay duties…

diyinhk.com/shop/audio-kits/ … lator.html

Some new ones from my corner shop :