[Guide] List of I2S DACs for Raspberry Pi

Ian’s Fifo including clockboard, isolator and sdif board do work with the PI and volumio.

The setting that needs to be chosen is “Hifiberry DAC” (no plus, nor digi things).

diyaudio.com/forums/digital- … ost4424605

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Which DAC you can reccomend, if I would like to have a digital Input? (e.g. from TV Set-top-box ). Is there a way to use Volumio for “mixing”, like a receiver? The output should be analog RCA e.g. which can be fed into a regular Aplifier.

Another strange one …

Tube sound + PCM51xx not for me :wink:


Looks like the first sabre 9018 out there…

kickstarter.com/projects/16 … n=acd1d854

A board integrated with PCM5122 DAC, TPA6133A headphone amplifier and TPA3118D2 class-D amplifier.

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On the market for more than a year :


PiDAC4490 + PiSRC4137 (JAPAN) :open_mouth:




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Where it is sold and how much it costs?


…Set $ 69. Well if it was possible to buy in Volumio Shop [emoji6]


I want to introduce Terra-BerryDAC.
Terra-BerryDAC use AK4490 with AK4137 SRC for DoP decoder and re-sampling/up-sampling.

Please visit following URL : http://www.terratechnos.com/products/terraberrydac/index-e.html
If you want more information, please send mail to info@jp.terratechnos.com

…Price: 27,000 yen (tax included)…

…240 euro is expensive for me [emoji53]

i guess we can add to this list our own PIANO 2.1 DAC working with any SBC/RPI (i2s)

We are using 2 DAC ics PCM5142 with integrated DSP. The PurePath software from TI is available for download (registration required) and can be used to create specific filters and other audio functions.
The board will come pre programed as a 2.1 output (but you can create your own custom design and load it the board and can access the xover frequency directly from linux (we made a small app)
Hardware wise , we have split the digital and analog side with LDOs and we feed the analog side using an extremely capable (low noise ultrahigh psrr) LT3042. Basically each board has 4 LDO (2 for each DAC ic) (note that digital side uses cheaper LDOs)
Of course , on the analog side we used only thin film resistors and poly caps in audiopath.
This DAC has RCA outputs but also a small connector that will connect to our TPA3118 AMP shield (only LR)

Adding to this, the reclocker shield for RPIs/SBCs.
Basically the main idea belongs to Ian’s. His hardware is actually superior to ours , mostly in the way he implemented the clocks and to the attention of the detail (like mounting xtals on a pcb supported by elastics ). So we credit Ian’s idea and his great design.
Our hardware/soft is not a copy , its an implementation of the same idea. We use a FPGA and sram to buffer the DATA and we reclock bclk/mclk outside the FPGA using NDK (or Crystek) . The board has an eprom but its not HAT complaint (because of the space). FCC will be available for the board.
Main reason for making the board was to try to correct the audio clocks of SBCs and bring high quality audio to anyone that has an SBC around…for a great price.

We are looking to send a few systems out for testing to VOLUMIO memvers.

Anyone interested in taking a closer look?


Pimoroni PHat DAC Zero PCM5102


IQAudio Pi-DAC Zero PCM5122

Joel Pan PCM1794 DAC + TPA6102 HPA


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AS-E404 (PCM5122 + TPA6011A4)



Introducing the TauDAC (http://taudac.com)…

… a high-end Raspberry Pi sound card with two WM8741 DACs in mono mode, ultra-low phase noise oscillators,
ultra-low noise linear regulators and Lundahl output transformers.

I’m not sure if this has been posted elsewhere here (if it is, I couldn’t find it) but the DACBerry ONE DAC on Kickstarter looks very promising -

kickstarter.com/projects/or … escription

Disclaimer - I have no affiliation with the project but I have backed it.

Add to this list the two Audio Injector sound cards :
Here is a howto build volumio for these products guide :