Dual ES9038Q2M DAC from audiophonics.fr


there is yet another dual ES DAC from audiophonics with XLR outputs and many other features. It looks to be very simple to integrate as it only requires one power input (as opposed to the multiple inputs for the IAN Canada dual DAC)

Any experience with this and volumio ?




Hi snuka,

This board is really looking promising.

You can see at the audiophonics.fr page it is absolutely brand new.

Would be also very interesting to me if it will work with the already integrated ES9038 Audiophonics drivers or if there is is some driver missing in Volumio.

Even if looking promising - the price isn’t low enough for me to just even buy one for checking that out…
Anyhow there is some stonishing attention in detail if you look at the board.

Audiophonics doesn’t mention any compatibility to the current Volumio v2.779 - but in theory it should work - with assumed availability of (maybe) required drivers and/or standard kernel support.

@JudiDudi: Wouldn’t that be interesting for asking for a sample to check with a couple of listeners ? :slight_smile: :smiley:

Best Regards

yes Josef, this board is looking promising.
should we try it?
I will ask for a sample :wink: and let you know…

That would be great! I’ll start saving in the meantime:-)

Quick answer - Great news!
audiophonics are so generous and lend me a board for a couple of weeks.
I’ll keep you updated.

(thanks josef for the idea)

okay, it’s here now!

… and it works with volumio… i used the audiophonics ES9028Q2M I2S driver.
first impression is very good. clear sound and no clicks, pops…
hardware volume control via remote and volumio gui works.
my board is powered with the ifi ipower X 9V/2.5A psu. https://ifi-audio.com/products/ipowerx/
RPI powered separately
you can switch via remote the input source (BT, RPI, Coax,USB)
next week i have more time to explore this board.

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i really like this board.
i was wrong. rpi is not powered separately. board can also be powered only with the 5V from rpi. but sounds not right. so its only designed for the 9V connection.

with remote you can also change the filter: Apodizing fast/brick wall/corrected minimum phase/minimum phase slow/minimum phase fast/linear phase slow/linear phase fast.
i will compare the sound on next soundcheck.
VOLUMIO soundcheck invitation for Hamburg, Germany

EDIT 11.08.2020:
it’s really worth it :wink:

Dual ES9038Q2M in alu case. (the volumio sticker really fits)
PSU https://www.osaelectronics.com/product/ulps1225b-cased/
on Cambridge audio 651W amp, modified for better SQ from Mr. Horwege

How stable is your player with this board? I had the AroioDAC and liked the sound a lot, but my player would need reboots every day or so. It seems that DAC HATs might not be as stable as external USB DACs?

my volumio devices are stable, so i don’t belive it’s the DAC HAT.
try change PSU,SDcard, RPi, or a previous volumio version.


I’m really interested in this DAC and wanted to use it as a input device as well. Did you ever test the optical input on the board? I’m curious if you are able to switch inputs with volumio or if you can use an IR remote to directly switch to a specific input.

My main use case: switch to optical for TV and switch to Volumio for streaming. If it can be done seamlessly that would be a great deal.

Thank you!

Wow! This looks great again, I love the Audiophonics cases and now there’s one featuring a Pi4… oooooh yes!

This means awesome audio streaming AND awesome video streaming in one :muscle:t4: That’s just rad!

It’ll probably take some scripting or modifying for the new display, but look at that resolution. Let’s get skinning for that. There’s only one extra feat I would like (some day) and that’s a full colour display for artwork :roll_eyes:

Anyways I digress, this is one awesome kit. I’m curious as to how this compares to a Primo for example. I mean the Pi4 is finally strong enough for serious CPU tasks

i can switch the input only with IR remote, but this is ok.
I did not test the optical input since now - but guess - should also work great.
At the moment i switch form RPI (volumio) to BT (from Notebook)
this is seamlessly.

Thank you for checking. Do you know what options you are able to configure through command line using alsamixer?

This looks great! Let me ask… Have you tried streaming this with Roon? Do you have any pics with both displays showing information?

Thanks. I haven’t tried Roon. I have both displays, but at the moment I only have the standard display activated. Display shows input, volume and rate.

The setup and case looks awesome. Can you tell me where can I get the case. I am also planning to get this dac.

Which version of volumio did you install on it?

Kind Regards

I’ve just got one of these too - really like the DAC, but I can’t seem to get the play/pause/next/previous on the IR remote to work. Also, I can’t get the second screen to do anything either. It would be great to get the full features working with Volumio!!

Always the latest version. now on 2.853
i use Remote only for on/off, volume, input source, filter, mute

kind regards