Dual ES9038Q2M DAC from audiophonics.fr

Thnx for your reply.

Is a psu icluded in the kit (how many amps btw)?

Do you think that a LPS is needed?

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psu is not included.
9V 2,5A is needed.


I found a custom image of Volumio 2 on the Audiophonics site - they’re the company that make the Evo-Sabre DAC.

The Volumio image has been customised to show what’s currently playing on the second screen on the DAC, and also to use the remote that comes with it.

You can download the image here: https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/blog-diy-audio/23-start-up-evo-raspdac-rasptouch-raspdac-mini-with-a-pre-configured-image.html

Hi NotForResus
many thanks for the hint!
2nd display and remote are running out of the box. actually they are on version 2.806
But be carefull - i tried to update to 2.853 and nothing works anymore. you have to make a new system flashing. I will ask audiophonics if the can do their work into a plugin.

i asked for the plugin, but apparently a lot went wrong between volumio and audiophonics. We should be satisfied with what we have. :upside_down_face:

The link is no longer available . Strange only Volumio image is missing.!

Maybe they are working on 2.853??
Can somebody upload the image somewhere else?

Thnx in advance

Audiophonics is an unsupported platform, they do not seem to take any responsibility, in fact, we don’t even know what they are doing.
Perhaps we can improve this, but no guarantee.

yes they are working on a new image.
i told them that there was an active QOBUZ account on that image.
This is why i can not provide you this image. sorry.

Hopefully they are making the new image with update ability.
The last image was not able to update and end’s up in nowhere…

Perhaps? Hey my friend. what can we do that you integrate audiophonics work into a plugin?
This would be a great thing!

Supplying plugins to users, yes that is being seen as much appreciated community work and from what is in the repo, this appears to be very successful.

Supplying plugins to suppliers, like Audiophonics, for free? I can hardly believe that is going to happen anytime soon. They should and will probably get all the support they ask for, but this does not seem a Volumio Team development task to me.

But, to be continued…

Looking around for this matter i came up with this which is quite promising from my prospective.

5/12/2020 image now on line


Great, it’s version 2.853, although the image is labeled as 2.852.
I use it as long as there is nothing better :wink:

Some questions if u don’t mind
What is your listening experience with it?
To what gear is it connected to ?
Do you use XLR or RCA?
Have you tried different kind of speakers with it?

Kind Regards

Hi stanislav,

sounds great - see here: VOLUMIO soundcheck invitation for Hamburg, Germany

At home it’s on XLR (Cambridge 651w) always ELAC speaker.
Best, jens

Hi there. I am new.
Just bought the Kit from Audiofonics.
So far so good. But i have a harsh noise sporalic when i skip or switch of the DAC / STREAMER …any idea?
Thank you