DSD files are played in PCM

When I play the DSD tracks in Volumio 3 the Dac Topping D90 does not receive in DSD. However in the volume screen if they appear in DSD

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USB DAC support differs between PI, Tinkerboard and X86, so please tell what your environment is.
Also, could you login (Ctrl-F1 on x86, SSH with others) and do

cat /proc/asound/card5/stream0
lsusb -t

Rasbsperry pi3 and unfortunately I do not have knowledge of web development

Would you like a step-by-step guidance?
It is not difficult :wink:

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I can try I guess I’ll have to connect the Rasbsperry to the tv

Nope, you just need a computer (you can do from mobile or tablet, but it’s a bit less convenient). Can you let us know what you have available to use?

For me it is the same - when I have direct DSD set (DAC displays PCM 352kHz), when I set “DoP” then the DAC displays DSD 2.8MHz and plays, but you can hear crackling in the background. The set is Pi and DAC via USB and “Amanero”.

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I have a laptop

please don’t hijack posts, these things are never the same.
Open your own topic and I’m happy to help.

yes this may be a general problem can you review it please?

Ok … I did :slight_smile:

it is never general, these issues are DAC and platform related


I’ll prepare a step-to-step guidance and post it as soon as I can


I add to this problem that the labels are changed, that is, when I reproduce with the native dsd option it converts to pcm and when I reproduce in converted format it reproduces the native dsd with background clicks, as commented by the colleague.

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I just tried a different Dac, the Topping E30 and the problem continues. On the other hand, reviewing old topics, there were already people who warned of this problem in the beta version. Taking into account the number of users reporting problems, the truth is that it seems that Volumio 3 is still a trial version.

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truth is also, that in a lot of cases they have a Topping. Wonder what makes them different. My DSD direct capable devices (Khadas, proJect pre-box) work correctly and so do a lot of others. If this was just a Volumio 3 DSD issue, we would have hundreds of similar error reports, but we don’t.

Topping are very popular latest generation Dacs. If they are not compatible with Volumio 3, the correct question is why did they work with Volumio2?


This is a valid question, Please do an “lsusb -t”, I need the usb vendor and product id of your DAC to check the PI kernel from version 2 and 3. It is the usb audio driver telling alsa/volumio whether the DAC can do DSD direct or not.

Do we have proof, the complaints about Topping DACs are older than Volumio 3, just search this forum