Can not delet item in "Favorites"

I have no chance to delete all items in Favorites. The last one is always permanent…it is very strange that it even survives a complete fresh new install…

Any idea how to delete it?



Is this a standard Volumio installation, or are you also using “MyVolumio”?

I am using MyVolumio.

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I suspect this is MyVolumio backing up your favourites. It is not obvious to me how to delete a backed up setting.

Edit: just checked on one of my installations, and I have a load of playlists that I thought I had deleted previously, so we are seeing the same behaviour here.

So for my understanding this is clearly a bug?!?
Where is the best place to report it?

Thanks for the feedback. Glad to know it’s not me :slight_smile:

Best. F.

Not so much a bug as no existing provision for it. You could raise it as a feature request, explaining why it is important.

Well, if I delete something and after this it is not deleted - how should I call it…a magical trick???
For me this is clearly a bug!


Yep, it’s a bug and we’re working on a fix. Sorry guys

Thanks for the clarification.

…the same with playlists …please correct this bug .

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Any news on this?

Is this forgotten???

Is important delete playlists and favourites songs!

Please work about

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I Have the same problem with a Spotify song.
Still there in “Favorites” after delete.
I can put the same song to Favorites, then the entry is double.

And here comes the macical trick :slight_smile:
It doesn’t matter which one i delete.
The first one disapears and the second just stay there and can be played.

So, I would also be happy if it is solved :slight_smile:
And a function in myVolumio to reset the Favorites (Main and Radio) would be nice.

thx & greets

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