[Android app][Open Beta] Volumio Control native android application

Seems to be “out of memory” error, what where you doing when it crashed? It’s probably a memory leak somewhere within the app, need to start looking for it, those are probably the most annoying bugs there are.

Or then there is the possibility that the amount of memory the app can consume actually went on top of it’s limit, i still have tried to avoid to ask the system to reserve more memory for the app, and want to keep it that way unless it becomes absolutely necessary.

I was browsing the playlists in Qobuz. I did have a second crash when browsing between functions.

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For me 0.93.7 did not fix it, it now loads every song to the queue when playing one song from an album, playlist or tracks in Qobuz.

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Just installed v0.93.7

Looks nice.

I use Radio Paradise plugin, and when I tap the Radio Paradise tile on the home page I get this:

And when I tap one of those tiles, I get this:

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Navigation for radio plugins is not implemented yet, there is no standardized way of how volumio or it’s plugins report what each object is(like if it’s a radio stream, album or playlist). so i need to figure at runtime if some object i got is playable for example, and now since i have not yet implemented any specific navigation for radio paradise plugin the app defaults all objects as “folders” which are not playable, and tries to navigate further and further.

I’ll take a look at the radio plugins section next, to get it working as it should.

Hmmm, is this happening for qobuz only or everything for you? I thought i nailed it now, but it seems not. I will have a look at this today later again. Actually i just figured out that if long press an track and select “play”, it won’t follow the playback option, where as just tapping the track it works(for me atleast) need to sort that out, the popup dialog propably uses the old playback system which is not aware of the playback mode setting.

Volumio playback settings - Permanent queue On and Playback mode Single.

Tested both Qobuz and Spotify.

Short press on the song title under both album, playlist and tracks plays the selected track, but also loads all other songs from the album/playlist/tracks to the play queue.

Long press on song title and select play in the pop up menu plays the selected track and does not load the other songs to the play queue.

Very interesting for me it’s otherway around how it works currently(tapping a song only adds that song, and popup adds everything regardless of settings) i have probably been looking at the cause from completely wrong part of the code.

And this is only with the Android 11 devices, or did the android 6 also start acting like this?

I’ve tested on all three devices (2 x Android 11 (Samsung) and 1 x Android 6 (Sony)). With the 0.93.7 update the Android 6 device also started acting like this.

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I believe i have found the root cause of this behaviour, i looked at wrong place last night.

The issue based on my code analysis is due to my app failing to retrieve the playback mode setting from volumio, then it proceeds and applies the default value of “Continuous” for the playback mode, nothing else would explain the behaviour you are observing here.

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OK, thanks! So is this something that can be addressed via an app update or is it something I can myself do at my end? (My Volumio Primo is connected via ethernet on my home network and have checked via pinging it that there is negligible latency)

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App update will be needed, i believe the app can get the settings data from volumio, but for yet uknown reason it can’t correctly parse it always.

I got an test version for you if you dont mind trying it out, i added some some field’s to system page to further see whats happening.

it should look similar to the picture below, main interest are the “raw” values retrieved from volumio.

For next version the navigation is improved for the Radio plugins, Browsing into radio paradise will correctly detect the streams/radio channels, and let play those.(Aswell as for most radio plugins, please let me know if i missed something)

Ok, installed it on my Android 6 device. See screenshot.

I might have got it fixed now, there was a race condition within the app.

Here it is if you want to do more testing, i allready pushed to playstore as fix, since this also implements browsing of radio plugins more better.
VolumioClient.zip (2.9 MB)

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:+1: It seems to be working now!! Will try some more, but so far all looks good - short press In Qobuz and Spotify on a song title only adds that song to the queue and plays it.

Glad to hear that, one more bug nailed 100 to go perhaps the app sees “official” release this year :stuck_out_tongue:

Just don’t know what’s the really important stuff before the launch besides fixing obvious bugs and crashes.

Is there any feature you are missing when using the app? Like it doesn’t have to be something that’s in the official volumio webGUI, alot can be implemented with the API’s provided but not everything of course.


It starts to feel like a quite polished app, and much better to use than the official app!

If there is one feature I would love to have in the app that’s missing in the Volumio WebGUI is the possibility to sort stuff - for instance the Artist menu in Qobuz only shows them in the order of last added - so would love to be able to sort them alphabetical!

Thanks. I installed

I can see the additional raw data, and I can play radio streams from the web radio plugin. However Radio Paradise still does not display the different streams correctly, or the correct radio paradise icon and when I tap on any of the streams the app reports “looks empty…”

There should be newer version on the store by now(94.x) ,which correctly detects those, i pushed it quite late last night.

It still won’t load the big icon for the radio, because the image loading library i use does not understand .SVG files, but all the items should have small radio icon on the left bottom corner.

Got it thanks - yes works fine. This app is much more responsive than the Volumio UI. I’ll see how I get on with it.

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