Airplay 2

When is going to be available Airplay 2?

IF and WHEN shairport-sync will support such capability, we will have it on Volumio.
But to be honest, I don’t think that will ever happen

You can follow a discussion here:

Seems iOS 10.4 with Airplay 2 and Volumio just needs you to reboot iOS device.

“fluppie commented 2 hours ago
Hmm indeed, after a reboot off my iPhone 7 all is working now :slight_smile:. Now explore that AP2 protocol :wink:

"fluppie commented an hour ago

I have 2 iPhones, updated the one from work to 11.4 and Volumio with Airplay is not working anymore. So guess people should wait upgrading."

Also if we get this to work is multi-room simultaneous casting with the equalizer plugin a way to bi-amp your speakers !?!

Thanks for this cmullen. I was just about to upgrade my Iphone to 11.4. But if Airplay on the iphone doesn’t work now with volumio after the upgrade. I for sure will wait and see which updates come to volumio.

I will love airplay 2 - and multiroom feature to be available. Will like to have 3 individual volumio’s running in my home

This is one of the reasons I have an old iPhone 5s that is dedicated purely as a remote for Volumio!
I’ll never update iOS on that again.

Replying to such an old topic, but there seems to be some dev regarding shairport-sync and airplay 2.

See: Airplay 2 Support ? · Issue #535 · mikebrady/shairport-sync · GitHub

Still in dev, but at least there working on it :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s in the development branch of shairport-sync.
Some feedbacks said it’s working very fine at the moment!
It would be great to have a little how-to “replace” the actual shairport-sync in Volumio 2 to the dev version which support AirPlay 2, for those who would like to test it inside Volumio.