Airplay 2

When is going to be available Airplay 2?

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IF and WHEN shairport-sync will support such capability, we will have it on Volumio.
But to be honest, I don’t think that will ever happen

You can follow a discussion here:

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Seems iOS 10.4 with Airplay 2 and Volumio just needs you to reboot iOS device.

“fluppie commented 2 hours ago
Hmm indeed, after a reboot off my iPhone 7 all is working now :slight_smile:. Now explore that AP2 protocol :wink:

"fluppie commented an hour ago

I have 2 iPhones, updated the one from work to 11.4 and Volumio with Airplay is not working anymore. So guess people should wait upgrading."

Also if we get this to work is multi-room simultaneous casting with the equalizer plugin a way to bi-amp your speakers !?!

Thanks for this cmullen. I was just about to upgrade my Iphone to 11.4. But if Airplay on the iphone doesn’t work now with volumio after the upgrade. I for sure will wait and see which updates come to volumio.

I will love airplay 2 - and multiroom feature to be available. Will like to have 3 individual volumio’s running in my home

This is one of the reasons I have an old iPhone 5s that is dedicated purely as a remote for Volumio!
I’ll never update iOS on that again.

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Replying to such an old topic, but there seems to be some dev regarding shairport-sync and airplay 2.

See: Airplay 2 Support ? · Issue #535 · mikebrady/shairport-sync · GitHub

Still in dev, but at least there working on it :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s in the development branch of shairport-sync.
Some feedbacks said it’s working very fine at the moment!
It would be great to have a little how-to “replace” the actual shairport-sync in Volumio 2 to the dev version which support AirPlay 2, for those who would like to test it inside Volumio.

I would be interested to try this also

I’m afraid there are not going to be any Volumio 2 changes now that Volumio 3 has been released.

No problem - I will add this request to Volumio3 then

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There’s a release candidate available now for shairport-sync 4.1 which supports AirPlay 2. Consider this a request to upgrade to that version for the next Volumio release.


I validate and I would also like to see airplay2 arrive in future versions of Volumio.

I replaced my volumio streamer with a WiiM mini player (which works very well for the price) because of the lack of AirPlay2.


Bumping the request for Airplay2

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IF and WHEN shairport-sync will support such capability, we will have it on Volumio.

Has that changed? With shairport-sync AirPlay 2 support will we get it Volumio?


This is available now. Can it be added to volumio?

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Any update on Airplay 2?

To answer this question, I doubt the developers will add this to Volumio. It would effectively compete with their paid service - why else would they not want to include it?

Im off to find an alternative player that can offer Airplay 2.


Hi Mi,
Can you respond to this.

We did not include it until now because:

  • From the test we’ve done with Shairport-sync with Airplay 2 did not show enough stability.
  • We test it periodically to check if shairport-sync with airplay2 is stable enough

From that you can understand that there is a simple reason: if it does not work well enough, what’s the point of including it? (considering it will break airplay1 functionality, which works just fine)

Hope that helps to explain (but still don’t get why you think it would compete with Premium offer)

That’s a great response, thank you for the feedback.

The benefit with airplay 2 is the multi room playback from iOS devices. It would be great to have this included in a future release when practical…