Your feedback about quality difference between spotify connect and integrated spotify


First, I have to say that Volumio has progressed a lots since my last try a couple of years ago, more features, so hats low for the development team, great !

As many of us I choose volumio because I look for quality. Not the end of the world as ultimately spotify will not be the way I’m going to listen to high bitrate content but I really feel a difference between the spotify connect and integrated spotify implementations. I went though the mixer settings and everything I could already find.

Connect stereo field is clearly not as rich and dynamics flatter as compared to integrated or having the DAC connecte to the phone directly. Is this something you have noticed too ? I’m 320 Kbits.

Just wanted to have you Feedback.

PS: waiting hugely on TIDAL connect to unleash the full capability of volumio, meaning top interface on the phone and top music quality on the HW side.

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: Latest 23/11
Hardware: NanoPi Air
DAC: Chord Mojo


Yes, i can confirm the sound of spotify connect is really worse compared to the integrated spotify plugin.
I would also be interested what is the reason for that.
This is independent from DAC. ( I tried with many… )

Best Regards