x86 (old laptop) - Rotate screen? (Sort of Solved!)

Running 2.699, tried everything I can think of/find online to flip the screen 180 and so far nothing has worked. I don’t have a /boot/config.txt, so I assume it’s ignoring anything I enter into /boot/userconfig.txt. For quick reference, I’ve tried “lcd/screen/display”_rotate=2 in userconfig and ssh, xandr commands in ssh (says something about no GUI or something running, I forget what exactly), no option to download “Touch Display” in plugins, so can’t try anything down that avenue.

The image itself is fine on the LCD (as well as another monitor running on VGA). My plan is to use an LCD panel without a backlight as an artist/song display, somewhat like the Snowblind PC case. My issue stems from the LCD ribbon cables being at the “top” of the panel.

Thank you in advance.

/boot/config.txt and /boot/userconfig.txt do not exist for x86, they are Raspberry platform specific.
You likely to rotate by a /etc/X11/xorg.config setting, post it’s contents here and we will take it from there.

I don’t have an xorg.config :smiley:

I attached a screenshot of the x11 folder contents viewed using WinSCP. I’m a lamb in the woods with Linux, especially command line stuff.

Side note: I did try to add an entry to ~/xinit/xinitrc (some string I found in my search), but didn’t have write access through WinSCP. I didn’t think to try ssh and sudo.

EDIT: apparently I did use sudo at some point to edit xinitrc; I have “xrandr -o inverted” added in, with nothing happening. I feel like I’m missing something somewhere to trigger the effect. EDIT 2: ssh xrandr commands are telling me “can’t open display”. I looked up a command list.
x11 contents.png

I came up with what is probably a terrible solution, but in my defense it works for now!

For anyone in the future looking to do the same as I, hopefully this works for you:

while connected though SSH

export DISPLAY=:0
xrandr --rotate inverted (this should flip the main screen 180; use “–rotate normal” to flip back)

If you need to flip an external monitor

export DISPLAY=:0
xrandr -q (lists connected displays; mine was VGA-0 that needed to flip)
xrandr --output VGA-0 --rotate inverted (replace “VGA-0” with whichever output you need flipped)

Restarting the system will undo any changes made, which is good if you bork it, bad if you get it how you want it! My solution was to use crontab.

  1. install cron and make a new crontab file
    2. enter @reboot sleep 60 && export DISPLAY=:0 && sleep 2 && xrandr --output VGA-0 --rotate inverted (you could probably change the sleep number, and you should change the “–output ****” entry to whatever you require)

Now, a minute after booting the commands will run and your selected screen should flip!