Wyred4Sound DAC-2 problem : i2S input with Raspberry

I have a problem. Wyred4sound dac-2. The USB drivers for OS X Sierra and El Capitan will not be available and the usb input doesn’t work.

I want to use i2S input but… which type of product can I use?
Raspberry…but… the correct cable/pin configuration for hdmi input?

There is this audio-gd.com/Pro/diy/I2Skits/I2SEN.htm but… work with a Raspberry 3 and Volumio? and how I can connect it?

this is (???) che W4Sound pin… screencast.com/t/vr7t2RNg

Can You help me?
there are another solutions for i2S input to Wyred4Sound?
simple and cheap…?


or… a dac high-end solution based on Raspberry, Volumio, a high end DAC…
I prefer Wyred4Sound because it has many input and is very useful.

As I just wrote to another W4S user:

“If that’s the thing shown here (wyred4sound.com/products/dacs/dac-2-series) then you purchase a HiFiBerry Digi+, plug it onto the Pi2, and go coax to the DAC. Coax because optical is limited in what it can handle and USB on a Pi is rubbish as far as music is concerned. This is the setup that I used for a while before throwing away my Musical Fidelity DAC in favour of a HAT (the HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro). I seriously doubt that your DAC is in danger of being upstaged by these little devices but you never know…”

I2S is a good interconnect at the board level, and that’s where I’d leave it; connecting different bits of hifi together with it doesn’t seem sensible but I’m old-fashioned…

HFB DIgi+ is reliable and works well, although I believe IQaudio do a similar thing, and I dare say there’s half a hundred clones out there,

Chris M