Wyred 4 Sound DAC I2S Connection to PI 2?

Hi. New to this stuff, but having a bunch of fun.

I have a w4s dac2se, st1000 mkII, and I just bought a pair of Symphonia 72R floor standers; this system sounds better than anything I’ve owned by a large margin.

But, streaming Tidal through BubbleUPnp and USB Audio Player Pro out the usb port of my Note 3… is a bit erratic - some pops and clicks.

So, after reading a bit, I’m getting ready to build (well, assemble) the Raspberry Pi 2 with Volumio, etc., to act as a streamer into my w4s dac. I’ve a couple questions for the initiated, please:

  1. I think I2S is my best bet for streaming from the rpi2 to the w4s, since the usb connection may have issues. I believe the I2S connection is available on the pi2; I just need to bring it over to the dac? If so, do I need a HAT board (e.g., HiFiBerry Digi+)?

  2. Not sure about a cable. The w4s dac uses the PS Audio pinout with a hdmi connector. Anyone know if there is a cable to do that?

I think that’s it…the rest seems pretty easy, and I’m tempted to just use usb and see how that works - I’ve seen some workarounds to help avoid the issues there, but they seem like the same kind of problems as what I’m experiencing now, so I’d like to avoid that.

Thanks for any help!


Is this the wrong forum? Or is my post just, uninteresting?

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@stevelk Have you seen this thread? raspberry-music-player-with-i2s-out-over-hdmi-t2441-20.html

Working i2s over HDMI from RPi => gd-audio input module => PS Audio DirectStream

I’m thinking of doing this myself once my W4S DAC2 arrives (getting ahead of myself!) :slight_smile:

It all depends on what connection your dac has. It supports hdmi i2s, there is a board that can make that work as jimmy said.

If it supports optical audio you could get a hat to help you like the hifiberry digi or an iqaudio one. For me personally this would be my first choice since these look more supported and there are more devices that support the connection.

Dear, i want to use my i2s input on Wyred4sound dac2… have you tip for me?
usb to i2s converter? Cheap and simple…

If that’s the thing shown here (wyred4sound.com/products/dacs/dac-2-series) then you purchase a HiFiBerry Digi+, plug it onto the Pi2, and go coax to the DAC. Coax because optical is limited in what it can handle and USB on a Pi is rubbish as far as music is concerned. This is the setup that I used for a while before throwing away my Musical Fidelity DAC in favour of a HAT (the HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro). I seriously doubt that your DAC is in danger of being upstaged by these little devices but you never know…

Chris M