Wrong WiFi Password?

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I just installed the latest Volumio version (2.657) via Etcher (v1.5.63) on my Mac. Everything went fine. After booting my Pi the Volumio-Hotspot appears (as expected). But any device I am trying to connect to this hotspot is showing “Wrong password” message when using the password “volumio2”. I tried re-installing many times. :wink: Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

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I’m having this too. Cannot Join hotspot from either an iPhone or an Android phone, despite setting my own password in the Hotspot settings and turning on Fallback. Always says “incorrect password” when I know it’s not.
Is it only a problem for those of us with external USB WiFi dongles? Mine’s an Edimax.
When hotspot password disabled, it almost joins, but then throws off the connection straight away.

I’m sufffering the same issue. I have a Raspberry pi zero, with a wifi dongle. It creates the hotspot “volumio” properly, but it’s impossible to join this wifi with the volumio2 password.
As this Raspi has no ethernet or wifi on board, I’m thinking to try to search for older versions to find one without this issue.
Any help will be welcome

I am facing the same issue. It is very anoying. I really liked volumio, but I must say its getting worse with it.