Would be possible...

…or would be stupid to have two Raspy, one for audio with Volumio and DAC and one for playing personal video?
I don’t need to play h265 or Gigs of video file, but only videos from me and my MTB’s friends.
I’m thinking to a solution with one case for the audio and one for the video, each one with its local storage, where the audio/DAC would be attached to my 2.1 amplifier and the video would be attached to the TV via hdmi.
Thanks for your suggestions and comments.

This could be my case:

Does your amplifier have any digital input’s, like COAX or TOSlink? There is a tradeoff between letting your receiver do the D/A conversion or an (I2S or USB) DAC connected to the Pi. It is up to you to determine which option gives you the most enjoyable music experience :slight_smile:

It might also be an option to do both audio and video with 1 Pi, but you might have to look for another distro to do both or build your own (maybe expand Volumio yourself with videoplayback software?).

Take special care of the power supply, as it affects audio as well (especially when the Pi does the D/A conversion). Make sure it is a stable one with enough current.

Dear PatrickB I want use an I2S DAC connected to the Pi. An Audiophonics or Pi-DAC will be used. My amplify has a coaxial input.
I’m not able to customize Volumio distro and I love Volumio as is, only for audio.
Have you any suggestion for the power supply, small enough to enter in a little case as I posted?

My major challenge is how to manage two Raspy with one remote… Have you any idea?
For my culture, which could be a different distribution to manage both flows, audio and video?

Have you tried XBMC, or looked at the thread about installing XBMC (or rather, Kodi as it is now called) on top of Volumio?

Yes I tried Kodi and it’s nice but I love Volumio interface.
I’ve to read yous second option, install kodi within Volumio…
Let me try :wink:

I already have a single Rasp running Volumio distrib and XBMC. It’s working perfectly…
My Raspeberry connected both to my amp through my Hifiberry DAC and to my TV via HDMI.
Doing this, I can play and choose my music using the Volumio interface and playing video

I suggest you to follow the guide to install XBMC on the Volumio distrib : [GUIDE] Install xbmc on Volumio 1.5


GREAT This is what I need :smiley:
I’ve a raspy B+. Is it sufficient for this?

Sure… mine is a B model and it working great. I simply overclock it a little bit and and add more memory for the GPU.