Windows Universal App

I have created a basic Windows app which is a simple wrapper for the webui. Slightly better than a browser - no wasted space for unneeded ui elements. Right now it only points to volumio.local. (for now one can leverage the hosts file to overcome this limitation) A fix for that and other improvements to come. I am releasing this as a universal app for both phone and pc.

Windows app:
Phone app:

I don’t have windows 8.1, but I’m sure this’ll come in handy for many.

Why onlly Windows Phone 8.1 :cry:

Hi there,
I have Windows 8.1 installed on my phone, but I cannot install the app. I have a Samsung ativs. Is ut not compatible?

Wow! I missed that! Nice !

I will download the Win 10 app tonight and check it out.
Will provide feedback…
Thanks for the wonderful work.


I downloaded and installed the Win 10 App.
After getting past the permissions issue with moding the Hosts file, things went reasonably well.
Performance was smooth and responsive.
The playing time and playing time graphic were a little spotty at first but all in all the app seems to be working fine.
Thanks for creating it.

I bought Lumia 430, but apps not found (

If you follow the link he posted you’ll go to the windows store where the download is.

I had originally tested the universal app under Win 10 Preview and was quite successful.
Since I updated to the “production” version of Win 10 Pro I have not been able to get the Universal App to work correctly.
I went so far as to change the IP address and name of the PI to volumio and use a static Ip address.
I have also tried adding a host file entry but no positive impact.

When I start the app it changes windows colors and then goes to a search engine display.
Essentially non-functional for me.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app with no positive impact.
I was hoping this would work as I am now finding that volumio under IE 11 and Win 10 Pro has problems with playlist displays and refreshes (like they don’t work). I now have to setup playlists and such from my IPad.

Anybody have any thoughts on this.

To use this app, upgrade to Windows 10. :confused: