wifi with Edimax nano usb adaptor

Hoping someone can help me out here. I have Volumio running nicely on a pi streaming mp3s from Windows desktop over wifi. I am using Edimax dongle and a PCM2704 DAC. The dongle and soundcard are connected to a powered usb hub.
However, I want a more compact setup for kitchen -just pi with Edimax connected directly to pi and using audio out of pi. When I try this I find that things work for a few minutes and then go wrong. Streaming stops and Web gui loses connection with pi. Lights still flickering on dongle but cannot connect via ssh either.
If left for a few minutes sound returns twice for a few seconds and then stops altogether. My initial thoughts were power issues. However I understand that ohters use this dongle directly on oi without problems. My power supply claims to be 5V 1200mA.
Any suggestions?

Hello Ian

for dongles that are not giving any problems there is a list of “working” USB wifi dongles --> see link http://elinux.org/RPi_USB_Wi-Fi_Adapters
I use a Belkin adaptor and a Dlink adaptor successfully in a compact design - no drops - no stuttering when streaming from the local NAS.

my RPI has a modified SD card adaptor (see adafruit.com) where a microSD card can be inserted directly reducing the parts that are sticking out :slight_smile: … The USB wireless I did connect through an USB extention cable to maximize the position of the dongle but that was by design as it works also without the cable.

One of my ways to hide the rpi is actually to make it visible : I bought a small picture frame and put the RPI and the cable and the dongles inside the pictureframe and hung it on the wall (with the powercable and the cable to the audio system in a kind of small plastic gutter). Strange enough most people ignore it and when they pay attention it is more like " Ah how neat "


Thanks for that. My dongle is on the list (Edimax EW7811 nano usb). The page does mention issues generally when somecdongles plugged in directly to pi and used at high data rate. Maybe that is my problem?
S would enjoy a photo of your pi picture.

Just thought I would tie this one up. Yesterday I borrowed my friend’s pi and it worked fine. No expert, but I suspect that the problem is that there is too much voltage dropped across my polyfuse as the voltage I measured there is slightly below the minimum in the acceptable range.