Wifi Setup Help

Hi Everybody,

I am a nooby (of course)…I want to use the Raspberry Pi2, Hifiberry Dac+, streaming UPNP/DLNA using a wifi dongle from my JRiver server. I did peruse the list of compatible USB dongle’s and mine is eligible. The question is: what is the process to connect the dongle on Raspberry Pi2 to my home network? Do I have to connect to the network hardwired through Ethernet first than add the Dongle after or will I be able to connect to the Raspberry Pi2 with dongle connected through volumio.local browser even though it doesn’t have the SSID and password setup up yet?

Apologies for all the questions, but I come from spoon-fed Windows and just need a little push through the door.


Yes for the first start you must use a wired link.
Place your USB dongle on your RPI and start it.
Go to the the webUI (from a other device) and set the correct parameters for the wifi connection. Save change. Wait until the page is displayed. The wifi dongle should blink and the the ip adress for the wifi should be displayed. If ok, you can shutdown, unplug the wire and restart.

Thanks, all is well now!

I am having a similar problem but the suggested solution did not work. I have Volumio installed on a PI 2 and everything works great when it is connected to my router by cable. When I use the web UI and entire the wifi info, the screen goes blank and my wifi dongle (Edimax) does not light up. I have tried this several times with the same result. I have confirmed that the dongle works via a separate install of Raspian via NOOBS.

Any suggestions?

Hi Murphy,

I used an older Wireless N adapter and it worked, the Rasp Pi2 seems to only work wirelessly with a limited range of adapters.

You should boot up your Raspberry Pi with the Wifi dongle inserted in the USB port and the wired network connected. During the boot process the kernel recognizes most WIFI adapters. After that you’ll need to setup the wireless connection using the web configuration.

Volumio needs to be aware some of us do not have Ethernet to plug into. Or do I need to buy a second raspberry pi to make a Ethernet to WiFi bridge? Seriously, can’t you add wifi-menu to the command line?

You can setup wifi from the console by hand try google

I’m not a raspbian guy, its far easier to do it on arch!

Tomato/Tomáto. Raspbian, arch, Ubuntu, debian it’s all Linux.

Have you even tried anything? raspberrypi.org/documentati … ess-cli.md

yes, i tried that document and it says interface doesn’t support scanning : network is down.

vice playing around with a keyboard and monitor attached, i’ll just use arch linux as it supports a serial connection by default. if getting wireless working on this linux distro is so easy, you would have provide the steps vice telling me to just google it. i’m sorry for the next guy who needs help and gets told, just google it. will he find the right page or just think linux is for those guys who are like that guy who said just google it.