Wifi extender network problems


I’ve got a Pi4 B with Volumio 3.233 installed. I’d like it connected via ethernet cable to the wifi extender near it (Netgear EX7700) however I can only connect to Volumio via a LAN connected computer (this is connected to the main router). Any wifi device cannot connect to the Pi via the web UI or the app.

I’m really hoping there’s just a simple setting I’m missing. Even trying to have the Pi connected by wifi doesn’t work for the wifi devices (and only the wired PC connects).

Logging into the router and extender I can see the LAN and wifi IP addresses but cannot connect to them.

Apologies if I’m asking in the wrong place.

euh, is your wifi on the same subnet? Did you configure it in Volumio?

Thanks for the response.

The wifi credentials are the same for the router and extender and I put these into Volumio.

I’ve got the IP for both the wifi and the LAN and can also seem them appearing on both the Netgear extender and Talktalk router list of connected devices, but browsers on wifi won’t connect to it.

I’ve tried setting the IP to be static on both the Pi and the router (and kept the subnet mask the default and the gateway IP the address of the router) but that’s not made any difference.